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The separation between church and state has blurred the lines over the years and in countries like the United States, France and Iran. (Isaac Trusty | Northern Star)

Editorial: It’s time to stop blurring the lines between church and state

By Northern Star Editorial Board | December 5, 2022

Theocracy has no place in the modern day. The United States is not “one nation under God” anymore; in fact, it never should have been. As a country, we need to reconsider how closely our religion and government intersect. It is past time that world...

Northern Illinois University should strive to be better and more open about eco-friendly options throughout DeKalb.

Editorial: NIU’s eco-friendly efforts plant a seed in need of watering

By Northern Star Editorial Board | November 21, 2022

Despite NIU’s recent approval of a number of campus renovations and initiatives, the lack of accessibility of NIU’s plans doesn’t provide reassurance that NIU’s campus will see tangible progression toward an eco-friendly campus. The collaborative...

The 2022 midterm elections are held Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Editorial: Why midterm elections are so important

By Northern Star Editorial Board | November 3, 2022

All ages, genders, races, sexualities and political views deserve recognition in our midterms, which is why it is essential to vote in the 2022 midterm elections.  Think back to the last few presidential elections: many United States citizens would...

In 1972, Title IX was enacted with a goal of operating federally-funded programs free of discrimination, but when theres been examples of failures that after 50 years, you have to wonder if theres been any significant changes. (Isaac Trusty | Northern Star)

Editorial: Title IX leaves more to be desired

By Northern Star Editorial Board | October 9, 2022

Editor’s note: Joey Trella, opinion editor and NIU student-athlete, was not a part of writing this editorial.  It’s been 50 years since Title IX was enacted, and we’ve seen women athletes dominate in their sports and demonstrate that they’re...

Editorial: NIU isn’t as prepared for monkeypox

By Northern Star Editorial Board | September 3, 2022

NIU announced the first case of a student testing positive for monkeypox on Aug. 25. Yet, NIU isn’t taking student health as seriously as they should. The university should have a set plan for monkeypox, as they did with COVID-19. NIU has not...

The May 4, 2022 print publication of the Northern Star marks the final weekly print edition of our paper. The first print edition came out in 1899.

Editorial: Northern Star welcomes new era of journalism

Since 1899, students at NIU have committed themselves to serving the greater populace of their campus by regularly putting out a newspaper. Now that over a century has since passed, the Northern Star as we know it today is moving to a more digital-based...

The word Matter from the phrase Black Lives Matter is painted in red letters along Castle Drive.

Editorial: Repaint Castle Drive BLM mural

By Northern Star Editorial Board | April 27, 2022

What once served as a powerful recognition of the importance of Black lives is now barely visible as the words “Black Lives Matter” continue to fade on Castle Drive.  The Northern Star Editorial Board believes that the words Black Lives Matter...

NIU non-tenured English instructor Dan Libman, walks with a sign saying NIU we miss you during Wednesdays IFT and UPI informational picket outside of Altgeld Hall. Libman has been an instructor since 1998 and said hes never seen the university walk away from the bargaining table until this go around.The picket comes after university officials walked away from non-tenure negotiations and have refused to begin tenure contract negotiations. (Wes Sanderson | Northern Star)

Editorial: NIU walkout on negotiations impacts relations, student success

By Northern Star Editorial Board | April 21, 2022

Educators are the backbone of any university. They are faces students interact with often and have the most responsibility in teaching the next generation in the labor force. NIU’s tenure and non-tenure-track faculty are the faces that make up that...

Editorial: Diversity at NIU must be reflected throughout

Editorial: Diversity at NIU must be reflected throughout

By Northern Star Editorial Board | March 2, 2022

Editor’s Note: The Northern Star Editorial Board feels that its current makeup of editors does not allow for the board to accurately speak on topics of race. For this editorial, the Editorial Board voted to hold a session consisting of just Black staffers...

Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel speaks to reporters Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022, in Miami Gardens, Fla. The Dolphins announced the hiring of three former players as part of McDaniels first coaching staff with the NFL football team. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Editorial: NFL’s Rooney Rule needs modifications

By Northern Star Editorial Board | February 24, 2022

Of the head coaches hired to fill the nine head coaching vacancies this offseason, two identify as minorities: Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, who is biracial, and Houston Texans head coach Lovie Smith, who is Black. The NFL has made efforts...

NIU is working to help those students who need it most, with its support of the DoublePell campaign.

Editorial: Doubling Pell Grant creates opportunity for success

By Northern Star Editorial Board | January 25, 2022
Doubling the Pell Grant would allow students a better opportunity for future success.
Editorial: Newsroom content policies provide trust with audiences

Editorial: Newsroom content policies provide trust with audiences

By Northern Star Editorial Board | January 18, 2022
Without a sense of trust between readers and the media, our job is ineffective.