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Timberlake to bring Myspace back

By Ross Hettel | February 19, 2012

That ad-ridden website from the early 2000s is making a comeback. The one with the garish layouts designed by 13 year olds. No, no, not Geocities. MySpace. After being bought out by Justin Timberlake and friends in June, the granddaddy of the social media...

i can haz memes?

By Shelby Devitt and Ross Hettel | February 12, 2012

Memes. Memes everywhere. NIU students who love to waste time on Facebook were gifted a new outlet for procrastination this week, courtesy of sophomore English major Danny Cozzi. For those not in the know, a meme is a funny picture or video that is passed...

Point, Counterpoint: Do you think Facebook ruins 10-year reunions

By Kyla Gardner, Dan Martynowicz, and Jimmy Johnson | January 25, 2012

Kyla Gardner: I spend too much time on Facebook. I can’t resist stalking. Sometimes, I daydream about giving it up. But my inability for self-control shouldn’t reflect poorly on the site. Facebook is, overall, a good thing. It definitely ruins class...

Northern Star drops Friday issue

By Kim Skibinski and Editor in Chief | December 4, 2011

I don't mean to sound cliche, but I've got some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: Starting next semester, the Northern Star will no longer publish on Fridays. Due to the bad economy and low reader traffic at the end of each week, cutting Friday...

NIU alumnus Alex Broches recently appeared on an episode of
MTVs True Life titled Im being cut off by my parents
after he borrowed $10,000 to launch

NIU alumnus talks about launching, being on MTV

By Chelsey Boutan | November 30, 2011

It has been Alex Broches' and his family's goal for years to save enough money to buy a home together. But when the 23-year-old NIU graduate decided to start an academic website for college students, he borrowed $10,000 that his family saved for a down...

Deleting your Facebook profile has social benefits

November 28, 2011

Oct. 5: A day that will remain in infamy. The decision I made this fateful day would fundamentally shift how I communicated with everyone in my universe. The choice I made was quite possibly the best thing that I have ever done since the Internet has...

 Vice-president for Administrative Affairs of the Graduate
Professional Student Council, Rheanna Pulley, junior, and Joshua
Potter, vice-president for Graduate School Affairs with the GPSC,
shout With our faculty...solidarity! repeatedly while protesting
Thursday in front of SIUs Anthony Hall.

Censorship issues arrise on Facebook for SIU

By Faith Healy | November 11, 2011

The six-day faculty strike at Southern Illinois University (SIU) came to an end Thursday, but the ordeal brought a new issue to light: censorship on Facebook. Students posted questions and other comments pertaining to the strike while it was happening,...

Gaebler: Googling law school applicants is time consuming

By Dan Martynowicz | October 27, 2011

According to a recent Kaplan study, 41 percent of law school admissions officers Google search applicants' names.This is compared to 27 percent of business school admissions officers, and 20 percent of college admissions officers, as shown by the same...

WRC to host social media seminar tonight

By Northern Star Staff | October 24, 2011

All students are invited to attend the presentation "Hot Topic Tuesday: ‘Follow Me!,'" hosted by the Women's Resource Center. This presentation involves an open discussion about social networking, including Twitter and Facebook. The presentation and...

Small Town Skate Shop, 229 E. Lincoln Highway, uses Facebook as
a way to reach more customers.

Local business owners turn to social media to keep in touch with customers

By Dave Gong | October 17, 2011

An internet presence is essential for local businesses looking to market their products, said Holly Nicholson, social media specialist for university relations. "Almost everything can be done online now, and people are spending more and more of their...

Sycamore resident Becky Wardlow is in the running for a national
contest, sponsored by Walgreens, to win one ton of candy and a cash

Sycamore woman reaches semi-finals in national Walgreens sponsored contest

By Courtney Schmitt | October 13, 2011

Sycamore resident Becky Wardlow is in the running for a national contest to win one ton of Halloween candy and a cash prize sponsored by Walgreens and Hershey's. As a semi-finalist, Wardlow was awarded a $300 Walgreens gift card to decorate her house...

Students in hot water over Facebook updates

By Amanda Shaffer | October 11, 2011

Whether they are confessing to underage drinking or petty theft, some Facebook users don't realize the possible outcomes to their status updates until it's too late. On Oct. 1, NIU student Matt Dunn, was arrested in less than 24 hours after stealing a...