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SA discussing mistake shows transparency

By Northern Star Editorial Board | October 20, 2014

The Student Association took the first step in opening a potentially difficult discussion between students and their representatives last week.The SA openly addressed a voting violation after nine elected senators-at-large were illegitimately welcomed...

University: Advertise the Huskie Pups now

By Northern Star Editorial Board | October 13, 2014

The Student Association and NIU need to create a more effective advertising plan for the recently unveiled Huskie Pup, an 11-passenger shuttle.Following last week’s debut of the about $40,000 Huskie Pup, signs were placed in Huskie Line buses No. 1...

Pass/Fail: Red Cross makes donating to the Philippines easy to do, Professors assigning term papers on top of final exams

By Danny Cozzi | November 19, 2013

Pass: Red Cross makes donating to the Philippines easy to doFollowing the brutal Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines, the American Red Cross and Facebook sprung into action by placing a donation link on Facebook home pages.The quick access for...

Scavenger hunt to teach healthy eating

By Blake Glosson | November 18, 2013

If you’re a quest junky and you enjoy prizes to help you get fit while saving time and money, you won’t want to miss Wednesday’s Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt.Many students do not shop as efficiently and healthfully as they could. The media is saturated...

Garden group hopes to help needy

By James Casey | October 13, 2013

I worry many of us often neglect to learn about the food we eat. Fortunately, DeKalb County Community Gardens is attempting to stop this problem one garden at a time.Food insecurity is how the USDA measures people’s lack of access to nutritional food...

Take Back the Night has rich past with civil rights

By Hayley Devitt | October 2, 2013

Take Back the Night is back at NIU and everyone is invited.Take Back the Night is an internationally known demonstration aimed at raising awareness for and standing against crimes of sexual and domestic violence that happen all the time.In writing this,...

Pass/Fail: Huskie Stadium sells out for first home game, Douglas sees less traffic for vegetarian dinners

By Danny Cozzi | September 22, 2013

Pass: Huskie Stadium sells outNIU made a head-spinning comeback on Saturday against Eastern Illinois, but that wasn’t the best part of the football weekend.The passing grade here is the game sold out for the first time I can remember, and NIU won its...

New iPhone due out, cell obsession lives on

New iPhone due out, cell obsession lives on

By Anthony Szudarski | September 18, 2013

I’m worried we focus too much on convenience with our phones today.The Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be available to the public Friday. With so many news agencies reporting on the new models, I wonder why the phones are such a big deal.Alexander...

Baker’s had a good start but there’s more to do

By Danny Cozzi | July 23, 2013

NIU President Doug Baker has been in our fantastic town of corn and barbed wire for only a few weeks. A March 18 Northern Star editorial noted NIU had a chance to change for the better, as many top administrators were on their way out. With a new president,...

Facebook creeping is a necessary evil

By Danny Cozzi | April 3, 2013

Facebook and Internet socializing has become so routine it’s sometimes hard to imagine life without it. I’m not saying that’s good or bad; it’s just a fact. I honestly don’t know what socializing would become if Facebook and other forms of instant...

Facebook creeping is wrong

By Anthony Szudarski | April 3, 2013

While we don’t like to admit to it, I’m sure that almost all of us have “Facebook creeped” on someone before. And the reason many of us feel bad about doing it is because we know it was the wrong thing to do. Think about it for a minute: How many...

NIU Confessions Facebook page offers no advice

By Danny Cozzi | April 1, 2013

There’s been a lot of hype over the NIU Confessions Facebook page. The page has garnered close to 3,700 fans since it was first created just over a month ago. I was very excited to see a giant collection of students sharing crushes or embarrassing weekend...