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New cop comedy shines

By Josh Alfrey | September 18, 2013

Crime may not always pay, but it can certainly be hilarious, as in the new Fox comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a cop comedy about a successful detective who needs to learn how to grow up. This detective is Jake Peralta, played...

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ more than worth the hype

By Josh Alfrey | September 18, 2013

Rockstar Games is not stealing anyone’s money when it comes to “Grand Theft Auto V.”“Grand Theft Auto V,” released Tuesday, is an open-world, crime-based action adventure game. Similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, players follow a criminal...

Imagination flows in two throwbacks

By Josh Alfrey | September 18, 2013

Don’t forget to say happy birthday to one of the most famous Italian plumbers around — or at least to the man who speaks for him.Mario voice actor Charles Martinet turned 58 Tuesday and has been voicing the plumber for 23 years. His voice has defined...

Legend of Korra season returns with new faces

‘Legend of Korra’ season returns with new faces

By Josh Alfrey | September 15, 2013

Cold winds blow something ominous in the season two premiere of “The Legend of Korra.”“The Legend of Korra” is a Nickelodeon cartoon about a young woman who finds herself as one of the most powerful beings in the world: the avatar. The avatar...

Crowd funds Mega Man creator

Crowd funds ‘Mega Man” creator

By Josh Alfrey | September 10, 2013

Fans are funding the dream of “Mega Man” co-creator Keiji Inafune with his new innovative project, “Mighty No. 9.”After Inafune’s departure from video game company Capcom in 2010, he created his own development company, Comcept. Inafune is most...

Two guilty pleasures refuse to leave gaming

By Josh Alfrey | September 10, 2013

Destroying friends in a video game is a timeless activity, and few games are as timeless as “Super Smash Bros.” and “Mark Kart 64.”“Mario Kart 64” and “Super Smash Bros.” were easily my two most played games growing up. There was rarely...

Police show kills in season premiere

By Josh Alfrey | September 9, 2013

Take a deep breath when diving into the deep end of criminal dramas with television’s “Luther.”“Luther” is a detective mini-series that’s on BBC and BBC America. This show features Idris Elba as titular character John Luther, a fearless, battle-weary...

‘Breaking Bad’ stays strong in home stretch

By Josh Alfrey | September 4, 2013

The fifth season of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” continued with high tensions like a loaded gun with a finger on the trigger.For those not invested in this Emmy-winning series, “Breaking Bad” is a show about how far one man would go to protect his family...

Throwback: N64 Zelda games worth second playthrough

By Joshua Alfrey | September 4, 2013

Despite the amazing games coming out this year, one triforce and mask still deserve recognition.“The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” deserves five out five heart containers. The game was released for Nintendo 64 Nov. 23, 1998. The game was praised...

‘Saints Row IV’ has more of the same bizarre humor, great gameplay

By Josh Alfrey | August 28, 2013

Imagine standing in the White House and having to make the decision of ending world hunger or curing cancer. Which do you choose?That is one of the first decision gamers make in “Saints Row IV,” a new game by Volition Inc. “Saints Row IV” is an...

Marching band gives students a lesson in school spirit 101

By Josh Alfrey | August 26, 2013

The new students’ first lesson in school spirit 101 was taught by none other than the Huskies Marching Band.The marching band got involved in Welcome Days by hosting the Band Run. Starting outside the Neptune residence halls at 9:30 a.m., the Huskie...

Affleck has talent, looks for new Batman flick

By Josh Alfrey | August 26, 2013

Ben Affleck will serve justice in the role of Batman for Gotham City as we know it.Director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer are in production of the “Man of Steel” sequel, which will feature Superman and Batman. Thursday, Warner Bros. Pictures...