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Point, Counterpoint: The etiquette of going out and being in a relationship

By Parker Happ and Colin Remes | February 22, 2012

Parker Happ: Some of my married friends shared that their wedding bands, instead of preventing pursuit from females, actually attracts them. These men face unwanted social pressures everyday. Let’s say a married man decides to party with the bros for...

Roommates bring problems; how you can survive

By Parker Happ | February 19, 2012

Do you regret your tattoo? If you Google the words "regret" and "tattoo" together, over 11.7 million hits pop up. In fact, 17% of those who ink up will eventually regret that permanent mark. Here's another question, "Have you ever felt regret from a roommate...

Generation ruining romance

By Parker Happ | February 15, 2012

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't break that lamp," said my parents when I denied any wrongdoing. It pained me as a child, but looking people in the eyes may be more important than we may think.In the 2003 movie Paycheck with Ben Affleck and...

In focus: Who is your least favorite Republican candidate?

Parker Happ I know that Trump endorsed Mittens for the GOP Nominee. I also know Donald Trump. That Apprentice ratings can stay gold for only so long and Trump's book, Time To Get Tough - which boasts a Dick and Jane sized font and content equally as...

McDonald’s is more than just fast food

By Parker Happ | February 6, 2012

What is a McReality versus a McStereotype? To some, the association of McDonald's and climbing a corporate ladder may not be synonymous, but that is not a valid. McStereotype: "Would you like fries with that?"McReality: "Would you like NIU credit with...

Point, Counterpoint: College Republicans vs College Democrats

By Parker Happ and Aaron Brooks | February 1, 2012

Parker Happ: College Republicans are open minded. You may have raised an eyebrow at that statement, but believe it. College Republican Chairman Marc Belbis said, "If you have libertarian values, conservative values, neoconservative values, social conservative...

Vision 2012: What NIU should work on now

By Parker Happ | January 29, 2012

Were you thinking about college in forth grade? Future freshmen of 2020 literally have no idea what NIU has in store for them, and in case you don't either, read NIU President John Peters' Vision 2020 plans at The plan is the administrations'...

Technology doesn’t make the person

By Parker Happ | January 24, 2012

The Moken are among the last least touched by civilization. Living at sea for up to half the year, they are a 10,000-year-old society of people living in a 21st century world.In their culture, lessons are learned through an oral tradition that chiefly...

Point, Counterpoint: Should Illinois pass a law banning cell phone use while driving

By Parker Happ and Taurean Small | January 19, 2012

Parker Happ: A new phone law would potentially decree Illinoisans to not use their phone at all while driving because, as one lawmaker said, it doesn't matter if it's out of your hand, but what's going on in your head.Should the state/federal government...

Winning the FAFSA race

By Parker Happ | January 17, 2012

New Years resolutions are hard to keep, but one you should definitely look to fulfill is filling your FAFSA form fast, my friend. Say that five times fast.In all seriousness, the sooner you file, the better. Students new to filling out the form should...

How would you grade NIU this year?

By Northern Star columnists | December 4, 2011

  Aaron Brooks An upgrade to the residence halls is something that NIU really needed, and it is good to see progress in that area. In other areas, however, the administration's priorities seem misplaced. Giving a facelift to the aging Holmes Student...

In Focus: What does Veterans Day mean to you?

By Alyssa Pracz | November 10, 2011

Parker Happ Columnist Veterans Day is getting better. One of my friends, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, has return home and earned a job working on Marine One. Another one of my friends who came home this past year was able to see his son born...