What I’m watching this weekend: Kaitlyn Lee-Gordon


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The Netflix home page shows a list of trending shows on a laptop screen.

By Kaitlyn Lee-Gordon, News Reporter


As a prequel to “Breaking Bad“, “Better Call Saul” is centered around the journey of a con artist turned criminal defense lawyer. Played by Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy McGill is a known swindler who decides he must make every effort to become a well-respected defense attorney despite the obstacles that stand in his way.

The series has been nominated for several Golden Globe and Emmy awards. The series ended in 2022 with six seasons. Each episode runs for about 47 minutes and the first five seasons are available on Netflix.


Set in a small town in Mississippi, this series follows the lives of people who work at a strip club called the Pynk. Based on a play created by Katori Hall, “P-Valley” showcases the struggle of stripping and poverty. The series stars Nicco Annan, Brandy Evans and J. Alphonse Nicholson.

“P-Valley” is currently on its second season and has been renewed for a third. Each season consists of 10 episodes with each running for approximately one hour.


The series follows the story of Avatar Aang, master of all four elements, who must find a way to end a war that has been perpetuated by the fire nation. With the help of friends, he strengthens his ability to bend all elements to help defeat the fire nation and restore balance in the world. Each episode has its own plot, but the series comes together harmoniously in the end.

The series has three seasons with each varying in the amount of episodes. Episodes run for a duration of 23 minutes.