Look for new music and book coming out next week


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Gracie Abrams on stage reaching out to the audience during a performance.

By Nick Glover, Lifestyle Editor

While some weeks have few good releases, next week seems to have a bit of something for everyone.

“I Have Some Questions for You” by Rebecca Makkai

Rebecca Makkai is one of the most important up and coming writers in the game today. Her last novel, “The Great Believers,” won the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.

 “I Have Some Questions for You,” Makkai’s fourth novel, is one which stems off the success of “The Great Believers” and is already, before it is even released, gaining critical acclaim. The novel centers around Bodie Kane, a professor who moved past tragedy in her youth to success in adulthood. When Kane gets invited back to teach at the boarding school she had attended, the school where all of her trauma occurred, she begins to wonder if she has completely moved on from the past- and if the past has moved on from her. 

“I Have Some Questions for You” will be released Tuesday in hardcover and in paperback March 14. It is available to be purchased at any major bookseller.

“Good Riddance” – Gracie Abrams 

If you pay attention to the indie scene, you already know who Gracie Abrams is. If you don’t know Abrams, she is the epitome of the sad-girl TikTok sound — and that’s a compliment. Her soft and whispered voice mixed with meek and muted instrumentation build a floating ethereal aura around the listener. 

So far, two singles are out for “Good Riddance,” Abram’s debut album: “Where do we go now?” and “Amelie.” The standout of these two is certainly “Amelie,” with its smooth acoustic guitar line and Abrams’ secretive and cracking voice. “Good Riddance” looks to be one of the most intriguing indie debuts of this year. Expect the album on all streaming platforms on Feb. 24.

“College Park” – Logic

Next week, American rapper Logic will release his first album since signing with record label Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG). After his contract with Def Jam ended in 2022, Logic decided to sign with BMG in order to keep the masters of his records. 

The first singles from the album have been released and they are certainly … some of the singles of all time. The problem with most of Logic’s recent work remains: the beats are good and he has wonderful features, but his vocals are the downfall of each track that has been released so far. The epitome of this is the track “Paradise II,” which features singer Norah Jones. While unexpected, the surprise feature is absolutely wonderful. The bassline is great and creates a great groove for any rapper to rap over. But Logic’s weak flow and even worse lyrics tear the track to the floor. 

Looking at one of the other singles, “Wake Up,” Logic raps the line “everyday I wake up” repeatedly for about 20 seconds straight. The rhythm never changes. The beat never changes. It’s just a mediocre at best rapper spitting the same line over and over and over again. If you want to violate the eighth amendment of the constitution and submit yourself to some cruel and unusual punishment, this album will be waiting for you on Feb. 24.