Buses arrive; SAMTB makes preparartions

By Linda Warchal

The new Huskie buses rolled into DeKalb on Monday and the Student Association Mass Transit Board discussed future preparations.

Charlie Battista, Huskie Line general manager, said he does not have the titles for the buses yet so they cannot legally be driven on the roads.

Battista said he does not know how long all the paperwork will take. He said he doesn’t think it will take longer than a month.

Fare boxes also need to be installed in the new buses, and the mechanics need to be trained, he said. “Probably by the middle of December I should have everything squared away.”

The routes the new buses will run on has not yet been decided, Battista said.

He said that since the buses have lifts, they should find out where the greatest need for the buses is from the Center for Students with Disabilities.

Pat Sanchez, SAMTB adviser, said they would have to determine whether the route times will have to be extended. This would depend on ridership and how long each stop takes when disabled individuals are using the wheelchair lifts, Sanchez said.

During the spring semester, the SAMTB will have a ceremony to send off the new buses. Board members decided to launch the new buses on Jan. 11 at 1 p.m., the Saturday before spring semester begins.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place at the bus turn-around area outside the Holmes Student Center.

Also occurring the same weekend, beginning Jan. 8, the Student Center Bookstore will have a book run. Sanchez said the bookstore will pay the cost of running the Huskie buses for students who are buying their textbooks.