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‘The Big Game’ commercials that crack a smile

Two women stand holding a bag of Doritos Dinamita. These women chased after a man who took the last bag of chips in what was one of the standout commercials from this year’s Super Bowl. (Frito-Lay via AP)

Commercials are usually regarded as annoyances or a moment to take a break from a stressful game; however, there is an occasion where some viewers actually look forward to the commercials. 

The Super Bowl is widely known for its commercials being drastically different from the standard ones you might see while watching a regular TV show. 

The wackiness of some commercials can range from football players soaring through the sky, mimicking their respective mascots, to someone having their girlfriend stolen from them by a drink, of all things. 

This year’s Super Bowl LVIII featured a multitude of commercials that were no different and had a nice balance of strange and semi-normal qualities:


One of the first advertisements to run during the Super Bowl, titled “Migration,” promoted “NFL Sunday Ticket” on YouTube. 

Perhaps one of the oddest ones run during the game, this commercial has players from two football teams, the Ravens and the Seahawks, imitating their mascots and flying through the sky while making the same squawking noises and gestures of flapping their “wings.” 

If that wasn’t strange enough, at the end of the commercial, one of the birds “deposits” a tiny football right into the narrator’s hands which is supposed to be the football equivalent of an egg. 

While the narrator clarifying the bird dropped “a rookie” helps clear up any misunderstanding, the scene can be hilariously misinterpreted as the bird using the narrator’s hands as a temporary toilet. 


The “Doritos Dinamita” commercial showed two elderly women chasing a young man who took a bag of “Doritos Dinamita” they wanted for themselves. 

They engaged in a high-speed chase through the streets riding their mobility scooters, running through apartment buildings and ziplining down from the window to claim their prize, only for their granddaughter to casually take it from them in the end. 

The commercial concludes with both grandmothers slowly walking away from a comedically over-the-top explosion and the different flavors of the product on the side. 

While it can come off as a little silly, the commercial does a good job of getting your tastebuds craving some Doritos. 


The “Drumstick” ice cream commercial made a clever usage of dark humor. Taking place on an airplane, a passenger (Eric Andre) complains about having stomach issues and asks, along with the flight attendants, if there is a doctor on board.

It is only then that the commercial starts to take a whacky tone, as a talking doll by the name of “Dr. Umstick,” offers everyone, including the actual doctor on the plane, a “Drumstick” ice cream cone. 

When the sick man asks once again if he will help him, Dr. Umstick cruelly responds with, “I have no idea. I’m not a body doctor,” and everyone goes back to eating their ice cream, leaving him to suffer for the rest of the plane ride. 


One of the last commercials to air toward the end of the Super Bowl game was owned by Disney and advertised Disney +. 

Compared to other commercials before it, Disney’s commercial was simplistic and didn’t have many details about the product; however, it was one of the more debatably eye-catching advertisements from the Super Bowl. 

The commercial had several quotes and phrases from franchises owned by Disney fans of those series recognized immediately and understood what they were advertising as soon as they read them. 

A few of these recognizable lines were, “I love you 3000,” “Just keep swimming,” “To Infinity and Beyond” and “May the Force be with you … always.” 

This year’s Super Bowl commercials certainly didn’t disappoint and succeeded in their goal of drawing attention to familiar and unfamiliar brands. 

They always tend to be more thoroughly made compared to a regular commercial, which makes them a fun watch even after the Super Bowl is finished. 

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