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‘Sparking Zero,’ best Dragon Ball game ever

Courtesy of YouTube
Game character Vegeta floats in the sky as an explosion takes place below him. The new trailer for “Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero” anticipates new attacks and characters to fight. (Courtesy of YouTube)

With the release of yet another trailer for the next big Dragon Ball game, “Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero,” more details have come to light about what to expect from the game on its release. 

The newest trailer, known as “Rivals,” premiered earlier this year on Jan. 28 and gave fans another long-awaited look at the gorgeous gameplay. 

“Rivals” specifically covered two of the game’s characters, “Son Goku” and “Vegeta,” and their various transformations and signature moves. 

The transformations confirmed in the trailer were the “Oozaru or Great Ape,” “Super Saiyan,” “Super Vegeta,” “Super Saiyan 2,” “Super Saiyan 3,” “Majin Vegeta,” “Super Saiyan God,” “Super Saiyan Blue” and “Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken.” 

Son Goku’s “Kaioken” technique was also confirmed early in the trailer, however transformations such as “Ultra Instinct,” “Super Saiyan Blue Evolution” and “Super Saiyan 4,” have yet to be confirmed in the game as of yet. 

While the more popular attacks, such as the “Kamehameha wave” and the “Galick Gun,” were guaranteed to be in the game, some lesser-known attacks such as Son Goku’s “Gravity Bash” and Vegeta’s “Atomic Blast” were also given the spotlight. 

Battle damage will also be a part of the game, however, it is hard to tell whether it will be limited to just small scratches and cuts or if it will also affect a character’s clothing. 

The battle damage will also not be as brutal as it used to be in the older games, with significantly less blood and wounds. 

At the end of the trailer, the game was revealed to have 164 characters with 40 of them already being confirmed in a previous trailer. 

The inclusion of the “Oozaru” transformation, brings up the question of whether combat will change the same way when fighting against giant-type characters like in older games such as “Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.” 

When fighting against giant-type characters, it’s usually incredibly difficult to stagger them and deal heavy damage unless the player is using a character above a certain threshold of power. 

Since the new game is a part of the “Tenkaichi” series, it may have this same mechanic and others from the series. 

Map destruction is also confirmed to be a mechanic in the game as revealed in the second trailer. 

In past games, when knocking opponents into objects on the map or using specific attacks on certain maps, it would either slightly damage or completely destroy it and change it to a more devastated looking one.

Another highly-requested and beloved mechanic that will be in “Sparking Zero” is the ability to trigger beam struggles and, even more surprisingly, the ability to deflect beams altogether. 

Beam deflection hasn’t been prominent in a “Dragon Ball” game since “Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2” so it’s great to see the return of such an old and beloved mechanic. 

While “Sparking Zero” seems to heavily revolve around the “Dragon Ball Super” anime, there is no indication of whether elements and characters of “Dragon Ball GT” will also be included on launch, in a later DLC update or not at all. 

As the game is already on the wishlist for all major consoles except the Nintendo Switch, that suggests it might release later this year or early next year. 

The game’s astounding visuals that could even give “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” a run for its money, inclusion of beloved mechanics and vast amount of characters on launch could make it one of the greatest “Dragon Ball” games in history

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