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‘Spider-Man 2’ DLC adds fan-requested features

Jonathan Shelby
A black-suited Spider-Man perches on a rooftop and overlooks a city. “Spider-Man 2” released a new DLC on March 7. (Jonathan Shelby | Northern Star)

While waiting for that mouth-watering Carnage story, Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ fans have a brand new update to explore that introduces a few long-requested features. 

Released on March 7, this DLC allows players to change the color of the symbiote’s tendrils, adds more customization options for costumes, adjust the time of day, replay missions and a ‘New Game +.’

A major gripe of the community during the game’s release was once they completed the game, players could not change the color of Peter’s symbiote back to its iconic black color. 

This is no longer the case, as players now can change its color by heading into the “settings” option and moving all the way to the bottom. 

There is the option of sticking strictly with the black color, the white color or leaving the symbiote’s color tied with the story progression. 

Now both color tendrils can be used with any of Peter’s symbiote abilities as well as any of his suits. 

Speaking of costumes, both Peter and Miles each received two new outfits called the “Hellfire Gala” suits and the “Fly N’ Fresh” suits. 

Peter also has three new styles for all three of his main symbiote suits which are, unironically, some of the absolute coolest styles in the game. 

Style one for the “Black Suit” and style two for the “Symbiote Suit” in particular remain the same except for the white spider on Peter’s chest. The only difference being that the spider symbol is a deep red color, which works especially well with the jagged qualities of the “Symbiote Suit.” 

The styles for the “Anti-Venom” suit are just as good with styles one and three sporting a straight and cleaner look compared to the other symbiote suits. 

As awesome-looking as these styles are, it is only natural that obtaining them won’t be as easy as unlocking all of the other styles in the game. 

In order to unlock all of the new symbiote drip, players will need to increase their level in the main game to the previous cap of level 60, complete the main story and gain access to “New Game +” and “Ultimate Levels.” 

“New Game +” is a special save data file where players can play through the entirety of the game again while still keeping all of their upgrades, suits from their first save file. 

“Ultimate Levels” are any level beyond the previous level cap of 60 and each of the nine symbiote styles can be unlocked from ultimate levels one through nine. 

However, “Ultimate Levels” are only available in “New Game +” so players are forced to play through the game’s story once again so they can regain access to certain features like changing the time of day and weather. 

Changing the time of day and weather has been a consistent and popular feature in both previous “Spider-Man” games. 

Fans enjoyed swinging over the glowing night streets of New York in “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and through blinding snow storms in “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” 

For some reason, however, this feature was not included in the launch of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” and, instead, was included in this DLC update. 

Players can choose from eight different times of day: default, sunrise, morning, day, dusk, sunset, night and overcast. This can be adjusted in the settings category in the main game and New Game + after completing the story. 

Oddly, the “rain” and “thunderstorm” conditions were not included in the DLC update so no cool pictures of symbiote Spidey in the rain for now. 

The last thing the update included was the addition of “Golden Gadgets” and “Suit Tech Fusion.” 

“Golden Gadgets” are a customization option for gadgets such as the “Web-shooters” that would release a splash of virtual golden cubes whenever they are used. 

“Suit Tech Fusion” allows players to use two suit modifications now instead of one, previously. 

Suit mods can increase a player’s health and damage, but a player could only have one before. This new mechanic gives players more options when upgrading. 

This new DLC update gave players the features and customization options they have been craving since the game’s release, even if there are still some things that can be changed or added to improve the game and satisfy other players. 

Being able to rampage through Oscorp with Venom again and regaining Peter’s sweet, black symbiote color make this update more than worth the wait.

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