Candidates find support

By Rebecca Bahr

Official endorsements for the Student Association elections have come in rapid succession from student groups as the days left to elections tick away.

SA Presidential Candidate Preston Came has rounded up support from five campus groups this week and said he expects more to follow in the next couple of days.

The Residence Hall Association executive board and the Panhellenic Council are backing Came in the first SA election in the recent past with no greek candidate.

“I’m the candidate of all students,” Came said. By soliciting support from opposing sides, Came said he is trying to show that he truly represents the student population.

Came told the Panhellenic Council on Tuesday that, if elected, he will attempt to change SA recognition policy so that sororities would not need to file new applications and constitutions each year in order for Panhellenic to receive funding from the SA.

“I am working in the SA to protect your interests as the university is scrutinizing the greek system more closely,” Came said.

Came said a list of new officers should be all that is required to assure continued recognition of organizations already supported by the SA.

So far, Kelly Marie McDonald (Came’s opponent) has received no official endorsements but said she has received verbal support from the Women’s Alliance, Amnesty International, the NIU Community for Peace and the Gay/Lesbian Union.

Speaking out to campus groups this week, Came addressed budget-related issues and laid out his credentials in search of support.

As a two-year member of the SA finance committee and several other university committees, Came said he knows how the campus works. He said he sees the job of the SA president as a chance to continue work on university issues affecting the student body.

Came also received backing from a wide range of student interests on campus including political, multicultural and social organizations.

Official endorsements have filed in from Young Democrats, College Republicans and the Organization of Latin American Students.

While the unopposed vice-presidential candidate John Quilico prepares to take office in April, he has been actively campaigning alongside Came and encouraging voter turnout.

By volunteering as his running mate, Quilico is promoting a unified executive board, Came said.

SA elections are March 26 and 27.