Proposed complex might crowd space

By Stewart Warren

A proposed student apartment complex might crowd further the city’s west side, the DeKalb City Planning Commission said Monday.

The DeKalb Plan Commission voted 5-0 Feb. 14 to change the zoning at 1315 W. Lincoln Hwy. from a community shopping district to a multiple dwelling status.

Rubeck and Company, owners of Stadium View Condominiums, want to build 60 four-bedroom apartments on two acres occupied by Smith’s Radiator Service. Their plans might be “crowding a lot of people into a very small space,” DeKalb City Planner Jim Hogue said.

With one person in each bedroom that would be 120 people living on each acre, he said.

The number of apartments proposed for the space is legal, Hogue said. However, 240 people living on only two acres can cause problems with litter, parking and fights between neighbors, Hogue said.

Stadium View II will be “affordable, quality” student housing, co-owner Brad Rubeck said.

Rubeck said his company found there was a demand for new housing in DeKalb. “Most college kids want to live with friends … roommates bring the cost of living down,” he said.

The construction of Stadium View II is intended to meet the increased demand for apartments near NIU, Rubeck said.

Although the DeKalb City Council must approve the project, Rubeck said many west side business owners “were in favor of the project and sent letters to the council approving it.”

Hogue said the planning commission is discussing new ordinances to give them more control over the dwelling districts in DeKalb.