Unpopular Opinion: Top 40 music

By Jack Baudoin

The Top 40 list has been coming out since 1970, showing the nation the 40 current most popular songs. On modern Top 40 lists, the songs tend to be in a similar genre with very similar song structures.

In my unpopular opinion, there is music that is much more diverse and impressive that should be on the list. I am a music geek, and the music that I listen to tends to be more complex. This music is, in a sense, more musical, and shows a more diverse sound and style of music making. A perfect example of an act like this is the band Umphrey’s McGee, whose music reaches a wide range of genres, time signatures, and in doing this show a very high level of musicianship. Bands like these should be the ones who should be the popular music, not acts that write very similar sounding music and have the same genre.