Robbery charges dropped

By Mark McGowan

An NIU men’s basketball player will face 12 months of court supervision after charges stemming from an alleged robbery of a bag of cannabis were dropped Jan. 19.

The state’s case against Robert Smith, 20, 322 W. Neptune Hall, was dismissed by request of the state Jan. 19 and charges were reduced to disorderly conduct. Smith waived his right to a jury trial and pleaded not guilty to the new charges.

Smith was charged earlier with robbery for allegedly entering the residence hall room of David Bergendorf and Michael Ruen, 183 Douglas Hall, and taking less than 2.5 grams of cannabis on Oct. 17.

The new charges against Smith are that he allegedly “knowingly entered the dorm of another without permission of the dorm resident, in DeKalb City, DeKalb County, Ill., in such a unreasonable manner as to alarm and disturb the dorm resident and provoke a breach of the peace,” according to DeKalb County court records.

Smith was found guilty of disorderly conduct Jan. 19 and sentenced to 12 months of court supervision.

Smith, who was previously suspended from the team for academic problems also was temporarily suspended from the team and removed from his room in West Neptune Hall after the arrest. However, both suspensions were lifted in early December.

The suspensions were lifted because the state and university judicial processess were not expected to end in late January or early February, said Associate Athletic Director Keith Hackett in an earlier interview with The Northern Star. Smith also has become academically eligible to play.

Also implicated in the matter is Donnell C. Thompson, 22, 1325 W. Lincoln Hwy., Apt. 504B., Anthony Rogers, 23, 707 E. Crane Drive and Alex G. Yates, 19, 398 Douglas Hall. Thomas went to trial Monday but The Star did not have any results of the trial by press time Monday.