Sister Sorority Week begins

By Michelle Isaacson

NIU sorority members will have the opportunity to get to know each other during Sister Sorority week events.

Sister Sorority Week began Sunday and will continue through Wednesday. Greek Adviser Mary Ronan said the program is like “a Greek Week for all sororities.”

“We have this for everyone to try and get to know girls in other houses,” said PanHellenic Activities Chairman Jodie Bereta.

“I’m hoping there is more participation this year. The more people that participate the more successful it will be,” she said.

As part of the week’s activities, five sorority members from each house will participate in a “Secret Sorority Sis.” Girls will have a “secret sister” in a sorority of which they are not members. Bereta said the girls will put a clue about themselves each day on a poster on their secret sisters’ doors. On Wednesday night the girls will find out who their secret sisters are.

On Monday there were dinner exchanges between sororities. Nine representatives from each house ate dinner with members of a different sorority at their house. Dinner exchanges will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

There will be a dessert social for all sorority members at Delta Gamma sorority on Wednesday night. Sororities also will participate in volleyball games later that night.