HFR to host education seminar

By Bill Schwingel

The first Annual Textile, Merchandising and Home Economics Education seminar will be held Saturday at Wirtz House from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The alumni day, sponsored by the three divisions of the NIU Human Family Resources department, will include a seminar entitled “A Day of Cornfields, A Time for Networking” is open to students and faculty.

The seminar is a “gathering of HFR alums and professionals to build a network of information for success in business and professional careers,” said NIU instructor Janet Giesen.

The focus of the seminar is to show “the success secrets for the entrepreneurial home economists,” she said.

Edward Harris, professor in NIU’s Department of Business Education and Administrative Services, will speak on “Entrepreneurial Education—the Seed of Economic Development.” Harris has been honored for National Entrepreneurial Research and Education.

Peggy Sullivan, dean of the College of Professional Studies, will speak on “The Steel Rosebuds Blooming in the Cornfields” in an afternoon session. Sullivan is “active in helping woman’s success,” Giesen said.

The audience will be divided into three areas, depending on their interests, she said. “Design Trends and Issues” will be addressed by Giesen for the audience interested in textiles.

Elaine Goodwin will emphasize home economics and education with a speech on “Home Economics Education Update and Implications for the Future.” Instructor Ruth Ann Pennell and graduate student Tanya Domina will speak on “Merchandising Strategies and Directions” for the audience interested in merchandising.

The seminar will cost $10 and will include a luncheon.