In requiem: ex-Sen. Stittgen

At Sunday night’s Student Association Senate meeting, SA Vice President Gregg Bliss commented on senators’ efficiency: “We’re not doing our jobs. We’re worried about looking stupid.” Although there might be much truth in Bliss’ statement, he obviously didn’t speak for all the senate. There are a few senators who haven’t appeared concerned with how they look publicly.

A prime example was Gary Stittgen, who became the year’s 15th senate resignee Monday. Stittgen proved a student government official can act completely irresponsible and not show regret or remorse.

You remember Sen. Stittgen—he’s the guy who diplomatically called upon the senate two months ago to put aside their petty impeachment bickerings, then turned around to lead impeachment proceedings against Sen. Joe Annunzio. Stittgen’s the guy who, just prior to those actions, had joined Annunzio in plotting impeachment of SA President Paula Radtke.

Stittgen said this week that Annunzio is too concerned with personalizing and fractionalizing issues. This is true; Annunzio has displayed an amazing talent for “political dexterity” (two-facedness). However, Stittgen himself is another SA sleight-of-hand master.

The ex-senator gave several reasons for his resignation, mainly saying that he realized he could not accomplish goals he had set by the end of the semester, such as eliminating SCOPA, passing Senate Bill 0001 and fixing campus parking problems.

Well, SCOPA is gone. The ultimate passage of SB 0001 is in the hands of the legislature. And everyone, even a politician, knows that parking problems will take more than a semester to mend.

Senate ineffectiveness was also cited by Stittgen as a reason for his resignation. Need we mention again who lent to much of this ineffectiveness?

Stittgen said a goal of his now is to ultimately work on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

mmm …