RA says ‘thanks’

As there has been much media attention about the incident on 3C in Grant Towers North, I hope that you will print this letter.

I am not going to deal with the facts, but actually the aftermath of the fire in my room. Many emotions ran through my mind after receiving the news—disbelief, anger and hurt, but none could compare with what was waiting for me back at the residence hall. When I stepped onto my floor I didn’t really know what to expect. First, the staff of GTN (including resident assistants and senior staff) had taken it upon themselves to sort through the mess and salvage my personal effects. They understood how difficult it would have been for me to walk into my room when it looked as it did. Next, I walked to the floor lounge which had been converted for my arrival. I was greeted by cards, flowers, posters and even a teddy bear! The residents had made the room mine already just with their concern and caring. I was speechless. I had expected grief and pain, but I received hugs, laughter and an optimistic attitude that changed my perspective of the situation. This display of warmth and compassion means more than any sweater or book lost. The materialism is lost in the kindness and levels of giving shown by staff and residents of Grant North. It’s easy to forget what is really important and this is a way to thank everyone for opening my eyes to the meaning of a kind word, a smile and waking up in the morning. Although my belongings may not be easily replaced, the love, concern and support shared will last forever.

Dawn Cater

resident assistant

3C, Grant Towers North