Panhellenic Council picks executive board for spring

By Tammy Sholer

Next semester’s Panhellenic Council’s executive board and subcommittee members were chosen Tuesday night at the council’s regular meeting.

Debbie Mitchel, Panhellenic public relations chairman, said the next council president will be Leslie Wegworth of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.

Caroline Nowak, a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, will take over as vice president, Mitchel said. The secretary/treasurer position went to Johanna Hunter from the Delta Gamma sorority, she said.

Rush chairman during the spring semester will be Alpha Sigma Alpha member Marcia Jewel, Mitchel said.

The Panhellenic members voted Marge Herceg of the Sigma Kappa chapter as activities chairman, Mitchel said. The final executive position, public relations chairman, went to Delta Phi Epsilon member Patty Brockman.

Three sub-committee chairmen were elected at the meeting as well, Mitchel said. The associate rush chairman will be Sheryl Friedman, a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, she said.

The two remaining positions were granted to Leslie Miller, Interfraternity Council representative, of the Sigma Kappa sorority; and, Michelle Martino, education chairman, of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, she said.

Mitchel said the one requirement to run for office is Panhellenic membership for one semester. She said that Monday the candidates went to each sorority house and presented their speeches. She said that at the meeting, the candidates reiterated their speeches to refresh everyone’s memories.

Panhellenic meets every other Tuesday, and Nov. 24 will be the last meeting of the semester, Mitchel said.

In addition, the IFC also will elect board members at its next meeting, Nov. 22. IFC President Tom Zur said at the last IFC meeting, candidates will be allowed to give short speeches before elections take place.

Zur said several of his duties include conducting meetings and acting as the official spokesman of the organization.

Making appointments to vacancies on the board as well as assisting members in carrying out their goals are his duties also, he said.

Tom Kermagard, IFC administrative vice president, said he presides in the absence of the president and oversees progress of members.

Scott Peters, IFC membership vice president, said conducting evaluations of fraternity rush programs and coordinating chapters rush chairmen are two of his duties.

Greg Vandenberg, IFC activities vice president, said two of his jobs are coordinating social chairmen of the fraternities and with Pahellenic.

IFC Secretary/Treasurer Todd Lewis said he keeps track of finances and coordinates IFC’s budget with the Student Association.

Lewis, who also is public relations vice president, said he helped coordinate Senior Day, Nov. 11, as part of his job.