Reps. discuss WKDI budget

By Alan Marcus

Representives from WKDI appeared before the Student Association Finance Committee Tuesday night, where efforts to resolve the radio station’s budget problems were tabled until Oct. 28.

WKDI Business Manager Moe Semmer said the problems have arisen because of gaps in communication with the SA and its staff, and changes in management.

SA Treasurer Todd Lipscomb said the first problem involves missing receipts from musical services provided by WKDI.

“Over the past several years, WKDI has sent disc jockies to play music at parties in the DeKalb area,” Lipscomb said. “However, the Student Association has not seen receipts for revenues received from these ‘remotes’ over the past year,” he said.

SA Sen. Thomas Gary said, “We want to know where these revenues came from and where they’re going because they should have been put toward the amount which we require WKDI to contribute into its budget.”

WKDI General Manager Helen Frank presented the committee with “a track record of the money generated from WKDI remotes.”

Frank said there were no receipts of these revenues because the previous remotes coordinator did not keep receipts of each transaction.

Frank also said she initiated a new policy requiring all employees to keep receipts of all transactions and to produce signed contracts for each remote.

She also said, “Even with the revenues from last year’s remotes, we would not have come close to making our less revenue figure of $8,760 because we only made $10 on remotes and sold $2,000 worth of advertisements.”

Lipscomb said the second problem arose this summer when the SA “approved the concept of supplimental funding for WKDI.”

e also said WKDI requested the funding in order pay an engineer’s fee of $1,500.

“The money was there to make the allocation, but because of red tape and a failure to communicate between WKDI and the SA, WNIU wound up having to make a down payment of $500.”

Frank said because of the mixup, WKDI owes the engineer $1,000 and WNIU $500.

Finance Committee member Mike Fellenzer said the incident represented “a classic case of miscommunication” and will not be resolved until “the other two problems have been cleared up.”

Lipscomb said the third problem centers around a deficit in WKDI’s budget.

“WKDI went $700 over budget last year, but because they did not meet their revenue contribution last year, their actual deficit was $2,400,” Lipscomb said.

Frank blamed the deficit on WKDI’s inability to collect sufficient advertising revenues.

“WKDI has a very limited audience because we transmit through Warner Cable and can only be heard in DeKalb, and this creates a lot of problems attracting advertisers,” Frank said.

She also indicated the radio station has had problems in the past collecting from its advertisers.

“Two years ago, we got 15 places to advertise, but only five of them paid,” she said.