Rock lyrics, lifestyles topic for talk

By Robyn Richard

A “Truth About Rock” seminar will be sponsored by the Salvation Army Thursday to present the controversial subject of rock musician’s lyrics and lifestyles.

The seminar, at 7 p.m. at the Egyptian Theater, will be conducted by Dan and Steven Peters, authors of the book “Why Knock Rock.”

The Peters Brothers are nationally recognized for their seminars about rock music, which they have been conducting since 1979. Over one million people worldwide have attended their seminars, which have been held in 40 states and eight countries.

They have appeared on P.M. Magazine, the CBS Evening News and ABC Nightline News.

The Peters Brothers said their research “uncovered that many rock musicians were involved in witchcraft, encouraged illicit sex and used illegal drugs,” and “many rock lyrics push homosexuality, rebellion, satanism and even suicide.”

Jim Moran, Music Director of WKDI, said, “Musicians aren’t the only ones who are pushing these kinds of things. It isn’t fair to just concentrate on them. The Peters Brothers are exploiting people’s fears.”

Larry Thorson, the sponsor of the seminar from the Salvation Army, said that after he attended a Peters Brothers’ seminar several years ago, he was convinced their claims about rock music were true.

“The Peters Brothers aren’t against all rock, just rock that is coupled with occult practices, such as biting off bat’s heads at the start of a performance,” Thorson said.

Frank Mundo, a WKDI disc jockey, said that after he attended a Peters Brothers’ seminar he “was not convinced at all.” He said, “They (the Peters Brothers) take various quotes from songs and try to put them together as evidence that rock lyrics are satanic.”

e said when he tried to comment that the quotes were taken out of context he was told to “shut up or leave.”

“The slide show was very fast, and it zoomed in on only what the Peters Brothers were trying to prove, such as a certain picture on an album cover.”

Thorson said even if he doesn’t agree with 100 percent of what the Peters Brothers say, the basics still are true. “The Peters Brothers are always updating their seminars so they are always on top of the new musicians and groups,” he said. The seminar focuses on the lyrics and lifestyles of the musicians, Thorson said.

Moran said after he saw a Peters Brothers’ seminar he thought there was no evidence to support their conclusions. “They just look at the surface,” he said. “Rock is established well enough now that these claims don’t really disturb people anymore.”

Thornton has two children and says he is very interested in what they listen to. “I’m not saying that it has to be church music to be good. But I do hope that people will attend the seminar just so they are able to make up their own minds.”

Mundo said, “We are pushing people to attend this seminar so that they can decide for themselves if what the Peters Brothers conclude about rock music is true.”