Girl taken to hospital after party

By Daron Walker

A female Lincoln Hall resident had a violent reaction Thursday night after coming back from a party on another floor, and, according to a close friend, acted like she had been drugged.

The student, who was taken to Kishwaukee Community Hospital by a DeKalb Fire Department ambulance, was treated and released.

“She stayed there (at the party) for an hour and a half and came back staggering. We just assumed it was from the drinking,” the friend said.

The friend said the girl became hysterical and physically violent when she returned to the floor.

The friend said he and another floor member had to hold the girl down before University Police and security officers arrived.

UPs and the ambulance arrived at Lincoln Hall at 11:35 p.m.

“It took two of us guys to hold her on the ground and she still was able to stand up. We were trying to keep her from hurting herself,” he said.

The friend, an emergency medical technician with two years of experience, said the girl’s eyes “were totally glazed over. She was fighting, and she was literally thrashing,” he said.

“We filled out reports with the police and the State’s Attorney’s Office. They (State’s Attorneys) sent someone over,” the friend said.

Assistant State’s Attorney Duke Harris said the State’s Attorney’s Office is looking into the incident. “It’s pending investigation at this time. There have been no charges at this time,” Harris said.

arris said there could be charges in the case.

“We may charge (persons responsible), we may not. That’s all I can tell you,” Harris said.

“I had no idea a drug could do this, if there was a drug,” the friend said.

The girl recovered over the weekend at home, the friend said.

The victim’s friend said a girl reported seeing some kind of drug when she went to the floor looking for her sister.