Opposition found to Carroll closing

By Paul Wagner

A survey of 40 residents in Neptune Hall East revealed that 72.5 percent felt Carroll Avenue should not have been closed last summer.

Dave Agazzi, busing graduate assistant who compiled the survey results for the Mass Transit Board, said the survey does not represent the general opinion of all NIU students, only the Neptune East residents who are directly affected.

Of the students surveyed, 27.6 percent said they opposed the closing because of the loss of parking spaces while a total of 50.7 percent cited either the increase in noise, the presence of bus passengers waiting in Neptune vestibules or the inablility to drive a car up to the residence hall as reasons why they opposed the closing.

The percentages varied for freshmen and upperclassmen. Of students who have lived in the residence hall for less than a year, only 50 percent were opposed to the closing. However, of students in the residence hall for two to three years, 87.5 percent opposed the closing.

When asked whether Carroll should remain closed, 67.5 percent said it should not, 30 percent said it should remain closed and 2.5 percent were undecided. The results of the survey will be used by the board in forming recommendations for any changes in the turnaround at Carroll.

In other business, the board will distribute a survey to engineering students to determine why ridership on the Sycamore shuttle bus has declined. Agazzi said the number of students riding the Sycamore shuttle has declined by about one half.

The survey asks students if they used the bus last semester and whether they are still using it this semester. It also asks students who have stopped riding the bus or students who never did ride the bus why they do not ride it.

The board hopes the survey will reveal the reason the ridership for the bus has declined and will be used to determine if changes in the scheduling of the shuttle bus is necessary.

Plans have been finalized for the inclusion of a second No. 7 bus, which runs to many businesses on Sycamore Road on Saturday afternoons. The additional bus will follow the same route as the original No. 7. The board had considered having the second bus turn around at Kishwaukee Community Hospital but decided against it because of safety concerns.

The board also announced it would accept bids for bus signs on April 6. Board chairman Todd Lipscomb said groups who wish to have signs must make a presentation to the board on that date.