School of Theatre and Dance hosts 2019 Fall Dance Concert

By Haley Galvin

The School of Theater and Dance’s 2019 Fall Dance Concert is an enticing and spectacular performance no one should miss. The show took place at 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday and 2 p.m. Saturday and will continue at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Stevens Building in the O’Connell Theater. Tickets can be bought online and prices range from $6 to $17.

The show consists of six numbers that vary in style from contemporary to a pointe and ballet routine. 

To start out the night, a group of dancers performed a number titled “The Shirtwaist Factory,” choreographed by Paula Frasz. The dancers were dressed in oversized garments that emulated poverty. The number was over five minutes long and consisted of several different tempo changes.

The dancers seamlessly transitioned between the movements, despite the song change. Parts were frantic, with dancers running circles around one another, and others slowed for dramatic effect. 

Each number combined emotion and technique perfectly. 

Dancers Martina Breger and Mathew Skorupski performed duet called “Beyond Inhumanity” that was choreographed by Rich Grund. The pair’s chemistry was remarkable and their moves were in sync with one another. Both turned and landed their pirouettes together.

This duality made the lifts and partnering even more magical. Each lift was better than the last, not only visually, but technically as well. Their technique behind each move was graceful, yet precise.

Overall this type of technique was seen throughout the show. All of the dancers matched pace with each other and fed off each others’ energy. 

The costuming for each piece also added to each wonderful narrative. Some dances featured simple costumes while other had elaborate sparkling costumes. Each respectively enhanced the number.

The last two numbers of the performance were show-stoppers. “Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine,” choreographed by Judith Chitwood, was the second to last piece, and it was incredible.

The number lasted close to 20 minutes, but it was worth it. A group of 12 dancers filled the stage using scaffolding as a backdrop. The dancers climbed throughout it during the entire performance, bringing an unusual and mysterious feeling to the dance.

The number was broken up into a few separate parts with music and tempo changes as dances before. The stamina of each dancer was unbelievable. To be able to perform a piece for over 10 minutes is an impressive feat.

The final dance of the night was “Etude en Jazz #4,” choreographed by Joel Hall, and it was the perfect closing number. The lights flashed all different colors and dancers moved in iridescent clothing. The light hit them perfectly, amplifying each and every movement. 

The entire show is filled with a variety of pieces that are executed beautifully. The dancers’ technique and passion shine throughout the entire show.