The best video game deals on Black Friday

By Jacob Roushia

Black Friday is almost here and it can be confusing what the best deals are when it comes to video games. There are several physical and online retail locations that are discounting video games, consoles and peripherals heavily. To help video game enthusiasts this holiday season, here are some of the biggest deals.


Microsoft’s Xbox

Gamestop is offering various sales on the Xbox One X console on their website. The Xbox One X is the latest version of the console that allows for native 4k visuals and HDR which enhances the visuals and colors on screen. 

GameStop is offering $150.00 off an Xbox One X console, including a game, and $10 off a 3 month purchase of Xbox live. These bundles include various options when it comes to a video game, consumers can choose from “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” “Gears 5,” “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” and many more titles. This deal can be purchased online or picked up in store from now until the end of Black Friday, according to Gamestop’s website. 

Microsoft is also selling the Xbox One S All Digital Edition for only $149 on This console is the Xbox One S, but without a disk tray so consumers can only play digital versions of games on it. An Xbox One S is the second version of the Xbox One that allows video streaming in 4k and upscales games to 4k. 

On Xbox’s digital store they are discounting exclusive games and third party games, until Dec 2. “Gears 5” is selling for $30, which is half off the retail price. The game “Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Edition” is also only $25, which is half off. 

All video games on sale receive an additional 10% discount for Xbox Live Gold members or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members on top of the discounts on Xbox’s digital store. 

Both “Gears 5” and “Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Edition” are included in Xbox’s Game Pass service. Microsoft is offering people the first three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,  for only a $1. 

This service includes Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Xbox Live allows people to play video games online on the Xbox One. Xbox Game Pass has a library of 100 video games that rotate in and out on a monthly basis. 

Also for the same purchase, people have the option to get one free month of EA Access, six months of Spotify Premium, or three months of Discord Nitro. If someone currently has Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, then they also get one of the three “gifts” that Microsoft is giving customers. 


Sony’s PlayStation 4

Walmart is offering a $199 bundle for the original PlayStation 4, including three video games. The three video games include “The Last of Us,” “God of War” and “Horizon Zero Dawn.” This is $100 off the base price of the PlayStation 4.

“God of War’ won 2018’s game of the year award at The Game Awards, “The Last of Us,” won various awards at the Game Awards and IGN’s Game of The Year in 2013 and “Horizon Zero Dawn,” also won Polygon’s 2017 Game of The Year award. 

Sony is offering $20 off PlayStation 4: Dualshock controllers on their website. The 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus has a $15 discount on the yearly plan. PlayStation Plus is a service that allows customers to play online on PlayStation 4. 

Sony is also selling the PlayStation VR Five Game Mega Pack Bundle for $199. This bundle includes PlayStation’s virtual reality system and five virtual reality video games. These video games include “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR,” “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,” “Astro Bot,” “PlayStation Worlds” and “Everybody’s Golf.” 

PlayStation 5’s digital store is including discounts on their exclusive games and third party titles, until Dec. 2. Sony’s “Spider-Man” is currently selling for 50% off at $20, “God of War” is being sold for $10 and “Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition,” which includes the base game and all downloadable content, is selling for $10 as well. 


Nintendo’s Switch

Nintendo has less to offer compared to publishers Sony and Microsoft. 

There are no official deals by Nintendo on their newly released Nintendo Switch Lite, which was released Sep 20.

The only bundle Nintendo has advertised is that Nintendo is adding a free copy of “Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition,” to the standard Nintendo Switch for a price of $299.99, for the console and the game, starting Nov 28. 

Most of the recent Nintendo Switch games are selling for $30, which is half off usual prices, on Nintendo’s digital store. 

“Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will be discounted to $40 on the Nintendo Digital stores and most retail locations. Walmart will be selling it for $30 starting on Nov. 27, according to CNET.