Video Game companies pledge to combat climate change

By Jacob Roushia

21 video game companies have committed to fight climate change. This news comes after the UN Climate Change Summit from Sept. 21 to 23.

The 21 companies include Microsoft, PlayStation and Google. Each company has made a pledge to fight climate change in their own way. The video game companies are comprised of publishers, developers and console manufacturers. 

Microsoft said that they would make the next Xbox console able to remove more carbon that it emits, according to TheNextWeb, a technology news website.

Sony also committed to fighting climate change by saying the next PlayStation will allow the consumer to put the console in a lower power consumption state compared to the PlayStation 4, according to Jim Rhyan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

Both Microsoft and Sony refer to the next generation of consoles, expected to be released winter 2020, according to TechSpot. Another big video game console developer, Nintendo, has not joined in this stance. 

The team behind Google Stadia also committed to fighting climate change. Google Stadia is a video game streaming service. “Google’s Stadia will pay for research on how to inspire people to embrace greener behavior through games,” according to DigitalTrends, a technology news website. 

Even Amazon pledges to help the cause with its streaming platform, Twitch. They have said they plan to raise awareness about sustainability using Twitch, according to USA Today.

Two big video game distributors and publishers, Ubisoft and Sports Interactive have also vowed to fight climate change. “Ubisoftwill develop in-game green themes and will source materials from eco-friendly factories. Sports Interactive will eliminate 20 tonnes of packaging by switching from plastic to a recycled alternative for all future Football Manager releases,” according to Kotaku, a video game focused news site

The video game companies listed above will be able to reach 2.6 billion people, according to Greengeeks’s website. The website goes on to say that if consumers use the PlayStation’s low power feature, it would save the equivalent to the average electricity use of 1,000 homes in the US. 

Many other companies have vowed to this stance of helping the planet and fighting climate change. Companies like Supercell and Ravio, the developers behind Clash of Clans and Angry Birds respectively, said that they will lower energy cost required to play the games, according to Unenvironment’s website. The UN Climate Change Summit changed the world of politics and even affected how people will play and consume video games. 

The news of an event like the UN Climate Change Summit influences to act and announce that they will be more environmentally friendly. Smaller companies like Green Man Gaming has announced that they will spread awareness for this cause. If one company does something in this industry, it is likely companies follow, especially when it earns good public reception.