“Rambo: Last Blood” disappoints

By Edwin Kelso

“Rambo: Last Blood” is uninspired. From the plot to the characters, this film will have viewers rolling their eyes and checking their watches throughout.

In this final installment, John Rambo must go on one last mission in Mexico to save his friend’s daughter. 

“Rambo: Last Blood” is thankfully the last film in the Rambo franchise. The film differs in many ways from the original in both tone and writing.

This film isn’t bad, but it is boring though, arguably, that can be worse. The film pretends to be 2008’s “Taken” without any of the magic that made it a classic to begin with.

To say this film could stand among the originals in quality is a false statement. “Rambo: Last Blood” just is lazy and poorly executed. 

This is mostly due to the plot. This film tries to be exciting and nail-biting but, because of poor dialogue, underdeveloped characters and their relationships, it fails on every level.

The original “Rambo” films came out in the ‘80s, yet Rambo, as an action character, is still relevant and is constantly referenced as the standard for action heroes such as Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee. 

To say that he deserves a memorable send off into the history books is putting it lightly and, while this send off was memorable, it was anything but elegant.

In terms of acting, Sylvester Stallone did a fine job as John Rambo. However, his performance doesn’t save the show. This film almost felt like a cash grab, and a cheap one at that. 

The only redeeming quality of this film’s entire story is the last act’s horror and gore. In the last sequence we see Rambo mercilessly slaughter numerous bad guys in “Home Alone” like traps.

Besides that, the film is laughable and reduces Rambo to nothing more than a boring shell of the action hero he used to be. 

This film isn’t necessarily a complete waste of time, but the fact that it relies on the original films, Stallone’s nostalgia and Rambo’s name makes it a hassle to get through. 

With a run time of just one hour and 39 minutes, this film has nothing new to offer.The characters are underdeveloped, the villains are not scary and the film lacks any sort of intimidation.