Rockstar Roadshow brings back that old time rock and roll

By Edwin Kelso

The Rockstar Roadshow stopped by to rock out April 5 at the historic Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., to the delight of rock and roll fans of the DeKalb area.

The band itself covers major rock band hits, reaching younger audience members who may not ever get the chance to hear these timeless classics live. This band, barring a few cuss words and loud noises, was family-friendly fun for children and adults.

The bands covered at this event included Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Van Halen and AC/DC.

Lead singer Kerry Devine is a true showman and accurately resembles the voices of all aforementioned bands’ lead singers. People who were able to see the event, and those who truly love the music of these bands and wish to see a collection in a single night, were pleasantly surprised. Devine’s impersonation of Steven Tyler when singing “Dream On” was very impressive. The band itself was able to perform every cover masterfully, and for a brief moment, the ’80s had come back full force. People could see what it was supposedly like with the original bands headbanging and jamming to classics.

Devine excels when resembling these bands in both voices and look. After each transition, Devine would leave the stage only to return moments later in attire that resembled whatever lead singer he was trying to appear as. When Rockstar Roadshow was performing Aerosmith, he would rock the classic Tyler wig with his traditional gray cloak and long flowing fabric connected to the mic. True fans will love Devine’s commitment to playing a character and putting on a truly entertaining show.

Often times for these transitions people would get to see any given member of the band rip a solo that would excite and captivate the audience while the other performers changed into whatever clothes resembled any given band.

People can enjoy both the music of old that they loved and the fact that Rockstar Roadshow put so much effort to appear as much like the given band. This show was a treat to watch from the performance and costume changes this show was a pleasure from start to finish.