Green Tangerine Records to offer great deals on Record Store Day

By Peter Zemeske

DeKALB — Some say vinyl records capture music the way it was meant to be heard, and Record Store Day lets music lovers own records not able to be bought online. To score exclusive releases, giveaways and refreshments, Green Tangerine Records is hosting its own Record Store Day event 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday. 
Record Store Day is a day on which vinyl collectors from around the globe get in line at their favorite record stores to grab exclusive releases. This year, the list of Record Store Day special releases contains 404 entries. Senior psychology major Ian Greenfold, an avid music listener, said he is a fan of the Record Store Day vision. 
“Not only does it support the individual artists, but [it] also supports the smaller record stores,” Greenfold said. 
There’s a bit of something for everyone, no matter musical taste. Green Tangerine owner Bill Klippel said record stores don’t know what they will receive for Record Store Day until the order arrives. 
Each record store submits an order to the Record Store Day vendor and gets whatever is available to them. Some releases are limited, so not every order can be fulfilled, according to Klippel. 
Klippel said fans can expect lots of exclusive releases at Green Tangerine Records, 838 W. Lincoln Highway, but would not release details. 
The store is also offering other Record Store Day goodies, including giveaways from other local businesses and complimentary refreshments and specials. 
Among special releases, the store will have the 3” record players and corresponding records from the Foo Fighters, Jack White and others. 
Green Tangerine Records has been a participant in Record Store Day since the shop’s opening in 2014, and Klippel said it is a special day among fans of the physical medium. 
He said when the business first started participating in Record Store Day, the list of releases wasn’t made available to the public. Record stores had to guess what would be popular to customers and hope for the best. 
Since then, Record Store Day organizers Michael Kurtz and Carrie Colliton have made the list public on its website so customers can ask for specific releases to take the guesswork out of ordering. Customers get the records they want, and record stores aren’t left with extra stock. 
“We really enjoy everything about Record Store Day,” Klippel said. “It’s a day full of great people [who] share a common interest. There is no right or wrong when talking music, and people from all walks of life can share the same passion. It’s a beautiful thing.”
When asked about his favorite Record Store Day releases, Klippel listed albums from The Zombies, Weezer, Green Day, The Sex Pistols, Paul McCartney and The Smithereens, as well as exclusive pressings of soundtracks from “Across the Universe” and “High Fidelity.”