‘Hamlet’ to excite audience members

By Amy Geldean

One of Shakespeare’s biggest tragedies comes to life as the School of Theatre and Dance flawlessly showcases “Hamlet.”

The play follows Prince Hamlet and his journey to avenge his father after he is killed by Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle. His plans go array as his feelings of depression and hysteria swell. The buildup of emotions flows through Hamlet, and his mad actions surface.

Director Alexander Gelman’s rendition of “Hamlet” portrays Shakespeare’s work sufficiently despite some cuts.

The set alone is impressive enough to attract audiences, as chairs hang from the ceiling with lights faintly shining around them. Set against the backdrop of an innovative production design, every minute of the three hours this play offers is worth the watch.

The effort from the cast does not go unnoticed either. The group of performers provide a noteworthy performance, including Justin Cahill, who plays Claudius, and Emily Vitrano, who plays Prince Hamlet. The audience can easily see how they transform into their characters on stage. The casting decision to have Vitrano, a woman, play a man’s character was an interestingly successful choice.

This adaptation of “Hamlet” sparks a conversation about today’s society and culture by helping address internal struggles and finding ways to cope with them. This iteration of the well-known story teaches people to grow and face challenges head-on through the emotions the characters show.

For optimal viewing experience, audience members are encouraged to go into the theater with an open mind. Each adaptation of a script breathes fresh life and original vision into its given source material, and even if viewers have seen another version of “Hamlet,” the show is best experienced by watching as if they have never seen it before.

Gelman’s rendition of “Hamlet” is just what audience members need to see, providing a fresh take on a story renowned by lovers of live theater everywhere.