Maggie Rogers’ first studio album details her life before fame


Maggie Rogers’ first studio album, “Heard It In a Past Life,” contains elements of both pop and folk while telling stories about Rogers’ past life.

By Amy Geldean

Pop singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers released her first studio album “Heard It In a Past Life” Friday, which allows Rogers to reminisce about her past experiences and how life is changing as she continues on her path to fame. The twelve tracks of the prosperous album  follow her two independently funded albums from 2012 and 2014.

Rogers’ soothing yet powerful voice shines throughout the album, particularly on the song “Alaska,” released as a single in October 2016. The track was brought to the attention of Pharrell Williams who helped Rogers get a record deal with Capitol Records, whom she released the album under. The song describes a journey through Alaska where people can find peace with themselves, through moving lyrics, “I was walking through icy streams that took my breath away.”

Most songs on the album, such as “Give A Little,” provide a happy tune with pop and dance music. “Give A Little” incorporates clapping in the background, adding a tone reminiscent of folk music being played around a campfire. The vocals paint a picture of a person sharing about themselves to become more open to others.

Rogers continues to look back on the past in the second track “Overnight” with her poetic lyrics. The music sounds happy as she describes herself moving on from her past. The synthesizer background strongly correlates with the lyrics by creating an upbeat tune.

Rogers provides a sense of hope with the calming and optimistic feelings projected in “Light On,” released as a single Oct. 10. The song shows listeners the light will always be on to lead people to a happier place with her use of simple lyrics and lively music.

Things slow down in songs such as the sixth track “Past Life,” where the piano is played elegantly throughout. Rogers’ stunning vocals stay in sync with the calming atmosphere of the song.

In “On + Off,” Rogers brings up a past relationship and her desire for clarity on where it stands now. The use of piano and synthesizer stands out in this song and the lyrics fall in-sync with the music.

“Heard It in a Past Life” empowers Rogers as she sings about letting go of her life before her musical career and being able to come to terms with her new status. With inspirational lyrics and a sound only Rogers can make, this album will be a positive influence on her blossoming music career.