DeKalb Public Library and Tails Humane Society host cat yoga event


DeKalb Public Library and Tails Humane Society host cat yoga event

By Sarah Fischer

At 6 and 7 p.m. Thursday, The DeKalb Public Library, 390 Oak St., invited cat lovers to cat yoga class. Locals of all ages attended the event.

The 45-minute “all level” classes were led by instructor Angelina McNeela of Find What Moves You, and offered feline fanatics a chance to align their chakras and unwind with various cats brought from Tails Humane Society, 2250 Barber Greene Rd, all of which were available for adoption.

McNeela made participation lively and humorous with a multitude of cat poses and wordplay, and kept a relaxed composure in a bustling atmosphere of excitement while children and adults alike enjoyed the cats’ company.

McNeela’s classes promoted relaxation, were easy to follow and tailored well to the diverse body types scattered around the room. It was clear the classes weren’t meant to exclusively single out those who may not consider yoga a top priority, and everyone enjoyed themselves while having no difficulties participating in the poses. The animals brought a considerable amount of extra fun to the classes.

Colleen Rittmeyer, who was in charge of the animals, has been volunteering at Tails for three years and coordinates many of its events, including the cat yoga events which occur about every three months at the Dekalb Public Library.

Rittmeyer provided Tails volunteer forms at the event and listed many other ways the community can get involved with the organization.

From donating to volunteering, Rittmeyer said there are many ways to become part of Tails.

“There are animal specialists who clean for the animals, there are people who are socializers which is actually really important because they just need to learn to be with people,” she said.

Other volunteer positions involve dog walking and organizing events like the cat yoga classes.

Rittmeyer said events like cat yoga are a great example of animal socializing and anyone interested in volunteering is urged to do so.

Currently, the library is the only public space hosting the cat yoga events with Tails, but the humane society is open to more ideas involving creative ways to promote adoption in the community.

Overall, the event was a success and a wonderful way to introduce adoptable animals to families.