Sutton Smith gets engaged following MAC victory


Sutton Smith gets engaged following MAC victory

By Northern Star Staff

Huskies Defensive end Sutton Smith had an exciting day Friday, receiving his first MAC Championship title and proposing to his girlfriend, Julie Sacco who said yes.

The Huskies played a long game against the University of Buffalo at at Ford Field, ultimately taking a well deserved win with a final score of 30-29. The Huskies came out from behind, leading the team to jubilation and Smith to his engagement.

“I was focused on the game, and I had to be because I don’t want to say game comes first, but I had to do what I had to do,” Smith said in the press conference. “We had to do what we had to do to get that done and everything fell into place.”

Head Coach Rod Carey said he was unaware the proposal happened and joked saying he hoped Sacco said yes. Following the game, Sacco posted a video showing her reaction to the proposal with the caption, “a million times yes.”

Smith registered 10 tackles and two sacks in the championship game, gaining a fiancé on the field afterward. The couple has been dating for five years, according to an Instagram post from Smith.