Goldblum jazzes up resume with debut album

By Peter Zemeske

Jeff Goldblum, an actor who has starred in many fan favorite movies, such as “Jurassic Park” and “Independence Day,” has released a debut jazz album with his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, in which he plays piano.

The album, titled “The Capitol Studio Sessions” and released Nov. 9, was recorded in front of a live audience in the studio-turned-lounge. Despite this being his debut album, Goldblum has been playing jazz since the ’90s.

“Cantaloupe Island” begins the 14-song tracklist with a jump right into a clean, precise swing. A ride cymbal and upright bass is shortly joined by a guitar, unadulterated with effects of any kind.

A few players have a solo or two, followed by applause in true jazz fashion. The album features world-renowned trumpeter Till Brönner, Irish singer Imelda May and comedian Sarah Silverman, who gets her very own track introduced by Goldblum and slides into a very playful and modern rendition of “Me and My Shadow.”

Brönner’s trills and intricate compositions sparkle on songs like “Don’t Mess With Mister T” and “Caravan.” Singer Haley Reinhart, who appeared on “American Idol” in 2011, and Goldblum share casual banter before Reinhart makes it clear she was born to sing in jazz ensembles. Her voice caresses the ears in a way that soothes the soul and sits in the mix to complement Goldblum and the rest of his crew.

The rapport Goldblum has with his fellow musicians and audience builds his presence unlike other artists. His mellow yet engaging tone makes it feel as if one is catching a show at their local tavern on a weekend evening. “The Capitol Studio Sessions” makes for a pleasant playthrough for fans of both Goldblum and jazz. While Goldblum has been playing piano for many years, listeners everywhere will be ‘jazzed’ about his emergence as a musical artist.