6 Pen Brands to Make Taking Notes Fun


Image Courtesy Pexels

By Sarah Lalond

No matter what class you take, you’ll find most of your professors start the first day with the same speech: “Go to class, study and take notes by hand.” At this point in your academic career, hopefully you’ve put the first two tips into practice. However, writing down your notes is just as important.

It’s no secret that handwritten notes are proven to help with the retention of information. Here are six pen brands that will help you take your notes to the next level.


1. Bic


Sarah LaLond/Northern Star


The Round Stic isn’t going to win any awards for being the sexiest pen, but it’s reliable. This gray 1999 Toyota Corolla of pens is probably not the pen you want, but it’s the writing utensil that will be around the longest and get the job done.

You don’t need to worry about losing this pen in the mess of your bag because it’s a solid, plastic item. The press and drag of this pen across the paper will ensure you’ll never forget that you’re using a Bic Round Stic pen.

Ten one millimeter ballpoint pens are available at Walmart for 97 cents.


Sarah LaLond/Northern Star


The Round Stic’s slimmer and retractable relative, the Atlantis, comes in blue, green, pink and purple. They’re cute, but not the most committed pen. While the ink quality isn’t consistent, the Atlantis can add a pop of color to spice up your notes. 

You can buy a pack of four assorted ink one millimeter Atlantis pens from Walmart for $4.15.


2.  Pilot

Sarah LaLond/Northern Star


Activate the Frixon ball clicker from the pen clip instead of from the top. With this pen, you don’t need worry about writing flawlessly. By flipping the pen over and using the rubber top part, you can erase any mistake. The heat from the friction blots out the ink.

You can purchase a pack of seven 0.7 millimeter pens at Walmart for $10.91.


3. Paper Mate

Sarah LaLond/Northern Star


It really is a joy to use InkJoy. These one millimeter ballpoint pens have a smooth, soft flow of ink that keeps the quality of your notes consistent. If you’re not careful, InkJoy could very easily become your go-to pen.

A set of eight black InkJoy pens are available at Walmart for $3.97.


Sarah LaLond/Northern Star


InkJoy’s not-so-distant cousin, InkJoy gel, has a 0.7 millimeter ballpoint for a more precise feel. The gelled cousin features a comfortable grip for your hand as you scratch out notes.

You can find a set of 10 assorted colors from Walmart for $15.92.


4. Staedtler

Sarah LaLond/Northern Star


With a 0.3 millimeter tip, the Triplus Finliner has the smallest ballpoint on the list. If there was a Venn diagram of pens and markers, this pen would be in the middle. It’s precise like a pen, but flows like a marker.

The triangle-shaped barrel makes it easier for your hand to grip as you write. The hard plastic pen case is reusable and able to prop itself up for easier organization and accessibility.

A case of six assorted colors is available at Walmart for $6.84.


5. Zebra

Sarah LaLond/Northern Star


The F-301 pen is every bit as commanding and respectable as the name sounds. The stainless steel pen has a sleek professional look and can be depended on for a solid swoosh of ink.

Two black 0.7 millimeter pens are available at Walmart for $3.97.


6. Muji

Sarah LaLond/Northern Star


Muji pens are in a class all their own. The ultra thin 0.38 millimeter Japanese pens are revered in the bullet journaling community. Writing with Muji pens is effortless; you barely need to press down, and the ink just flows.

You can find eight assorted colored Muji pens on Amazon for $15.


Happy writing, Huskies!