Paul McCartney still alive and kickin’


Paul McCartney still alive and kickin’

By Peter Zemeske

“Egypt Station,” Paul McCartney’s recent album, proves that the artist hasn’t lost his touch. At age 76, McCartney is on the list of aging rockers from classic rock bands of years past, but he hasn’t declined in musical prowess.

“Egypt Station” is the 17th solo studio album from McCartney, released Sept 7.

“Egypt Station” sets things off with the lead single from the album, “I Don’t Know”. “I Don’t Know” is a rather melancholy song with lyrical themes of self-doubt, which is in stark contrast to most of McCartney’s upbeat catalog.

“Come On To Me” is a rocking, guitar-driven song about picking up a girl at an event. The remainder of the album alternates between pop-rock arena-fillers and quieter piano-based melodies.

McCartney’s voice is as clear and present as ever for the entirety of “Egypt Station.” With the help of producer Greg Kurstin, the album keeps McCartney’s songwriting sensibilities intact while simultaneously adding modern instrumentation and mixing techniques.

“Egypt Station” has pop song structures, rock sounds and acoustic stylings. The beauty of “Egypt Station” is that there isn’t one consistent type of song; the album flows naturally, just as McCartney intends.

With McCartney’s wealth, fame and pop culture status, there is no need for him to try to prove any sort of musicianship with continued releases. Then again, he puts out new music because music is what lies at his core, and he will continue to put smiles on the faces of his fans with his songs until the world has had enough. However, it seems unlikely the world will get to this point.