House to host Sparks

By Northern Star Staff

Progressive talk radio personality Hal Sparks is broadcasting live at 11 a.m. Saturday from the House Cafe stage, 263 E. Lincoln Highway. The Los Angeles actor and radio personality will be doing a live taping session of his show, as well as holding a meet and greet.

Sparks’ resume includes formerly hosting “Talk Soup,” as well as playing Michael Novotny on “Queer as Folk” and Zoltan in “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

During his radio career, Sparks has been featured on the “Stephanie Miller Show” and hosts his own program, which broadcasts from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Saturdays on WCPT 820.

Chicago Progressive Talk Radio teamed up with the House Cafe for a broadcast during Corn Fest.

“We were contacted by the Chicago Progressive Talk Radio because they wanted to broadcast from a local venue,” said Pepe Robinson, House Cafe manager. “They did some interviews on the radio station during Corn Fest. We have a really good facility for that type of situation.”

Sparks has dabbled in many mediums over the course of his career, including stand-up comedy. He was featured in the “Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour” with Stephanie Miller and John Fugelsang in 2011 and the “Politics, Sex and Religion” tour with John Fugelsang in 2012.

“If [students] are politically motivated, this is really solid, well-thought out progressive radio,” Robinson said. “There’ll be a lot of politically motivated people present, so it’s a great opportunity to network.”