Millennial Dating: Boycott Tinder

By Abby Wisecarver

Remember the good ol’ days when you had class with someone you liked, talked to them and ended up falling in love? Yeah, me neither.

Today, smartphone app, Tinder, is the millennial go-to when trying to meet someone. On the app, the user uploads photos of themselves and the photos and a short bio is all people will see when they decide if they like you. What happened to getting to know a person based off their personality rather their looks? Dating these days is flawed and we, the millennials, are to blame.

Three weeks ago, Tinder updated. making a lot of peoples’ matched disappear from the app, making users freak out. The fact that this issue was trending on Twitter should say something. If a topic is trending on Twitter that means it is getting a lot of attention. One user on Twitter said “So @Tinder deleted all my matches and I’m not sure where I’m supposed to get attention from now”.

I am like everyone else my age; I have a Tinder. However,I have yet met up with any matches from the app. I am not about to go on a date with a stranger that only likes me based on my pictures. Superficial, much? I miss the middle school days where Zack liked Sally. In those simple days,and all Zack’s friends would tell Sally’s friends and then they would date. Romance at its finest.  

Dating has changed a lot since our parents’ generation and that’s bound to happen, but I just can’t believe how Tinder’s superficial prioritization and other online dating services have taken over. Maybe I am different than everyone else, but I want to get to know a person first and not meet them online. I tire of meeting people online and it never going anywhere. It’s time to go to the old fashioned way and talk to people in your classes and not base everything off the aesthetic of a filtered selfie.