Disturbance call ends in four-hour standoff


John F. Sommer, 45, yelled at officers as they arrested him Thursday at 108 Fisk Ave. DeKalb Police Department officers found firearms in Sommer’s home, including two hand guns and a Century AK Style 7.62 mm assault rifle.

By Northern Star Staff

The DeKalb Police Department made an arrest following Thursday’s four-hour standoff at 108 Fisk Ave.

Law enforcement officials responded to a disturbance call at 108 Fisk Ave. around 11:20 a.m. Officers responding to the call were met by John F. Sommer, 45, who threatened to kill officers if they attempted to breach his apartment.

Officials were able to determine there had been a history of domestic disturbance calls to Sommer’s residence, that he had a valid FOID card and had several firearms registered in his name. Two family members were safely escorted out of Sommer’s house before he was apprehended.

Officers recovered a variety of ammunition and weapons from Sommer’s home, including two hand guns and a Century AK Style 7.62 mm assault rifle.

Clinton Rosette Middle School, 650 N. 1st St., and Camelot School, 509 Oak St., were placed on a soft lockdown, which was raised to a hard lockdown around 1:50 p.m. when the DeKalb County Special Operations Team surrounded Sommer’s residence.

An investigator, who is also trained in negotiations, was brought in to communicate with Sommers over telephone, but Sommer continued to make threats against law enforcement officers.

Law enforcement officers entered Sommer’s apartment where he was apprehended at 3:22 p.m.

No injuries were reported, and Sommer was taken to Northwestern-Kishwaukee hospital for a psychological evaluation.

“This afternoon, a high-risk situation that involved weapons was resolved without injury to the offender, innocent bystanders or the police,” said Gene Lowery, DeKalb Police Department chief. “All of the public safety personnel involved acted in a professional and effective manner to safely end a situation that could have otherwise had a tragic outcome.”