Haunted houses spook students

By Haley Galvin

Gory creatures, jump scares and terrifying scenes followed by blood-curdling screams are what haunted houses thrive on, here are a few nearby places that will leave everyone terrified to turn the lights off at night

Basement of the Dead, 42 W New York Street, Aurora, IL.

Basement of the Dead is a haunted house about a 45 minute ride from campus. It has been named the No. 1 haunted attraction by the Chicago Tribune, according to the Basement of the Dead website. Jason Seneker, owner of Basement of the Dead, said the haunted house was created from a genuine 100-year-old basement giving an authentic and eerie atmosphere to the already scary sets. There are different sets filled with terrifying scenes which are unique to the Basement. The sets range in theme from hospitals to swamps, even a room that moves, Seneker said. The staff create their very own characters, costumes and scenes which are extremely detailed and realistically gory to strike fear into those who pass by.

“It is a nightmare come to life,” Seneker said. “You don’t know what’s real and what’s fake.”

Basement of the Dead has been known to scare even the most fearless of guests. Basement of the Dead is a must for those who are brave enough to venture into the depths below.

Trail of Screams 4500 Rotary Road, Rockford, IL.

Trail of Screams, just a 35 minute ride away from campus, has been revamped and is ready for screams. The goal of the house is to leave everyone who walks the trail screaming in horror. Three different attractions are offered at this terrifying thriller: the Trail of Screams, the Screamatorium and the Zombie Warz.

The Trail of Screams is the main haunted house of the three part attraction. The terror scenes of the house draw attendees “into a realm where horror [from] the scream is ripped away,” according to the Trail of Screams website.

A labyrinth of demonic lairs belonging to 13 different demons, the Screamatorium section of the house is sure to leave guest shaking with fear through every step. Visitors enter at their own risk and run from the blood, horror and fright awaiting them.

“We like to keep things fresh” Ann-Margret Naber, an owner of Trail of Screams, said. “we work year round with actors and building props.”

The third part of the attraction, Zombie Wars, is new this year. An interactive paintball experience, Zombie Warz is not just ordinary paintball. Rather than shooting at other participants, guests will shoot at zombie actors. These actors are fully decked out with tattered costumes and gory rotten looking makeup.

Twisted Crypt Haunted House 5420 East State Street, Rockford, IL.

Twisted Crypt Haunted House is kicking off its fifth season of frightful fun and is a 40 minute ride from campus. This haunted house is over 10,000 square feet of terror and mystery, according to their website.

Twisted Crypt offers 10 interactive escape rooms filled with horror and chaos. Visitors can expect to be fearing for their lives as they are timed in an escape room that has the added element of terrifying scares, according to a video created by Twisted Crypt. With mysterious characters and terrifying images lurking around every corner, visitors will feel their own fear grip them by their chest as their hearts pound in time with the thrills. Twisted Crypt Haunted House was previously named in the Top 10 Haunted Houses in 2016 and 2017 by HauntedIllinois.com and will breath terror into any guest willing to enter.

“The flow of [Twisted Crytpt] is seamless,” Haunted Illinois said in a 2017 review of the haunted house.

Twisted Crypt is a must see attraction to be added to any horror junkie’s list. Blood, gore and fright are awaiting all those who go in even though not everyone comes out is a slogan the Crypt leaves all their guest to ponder as they enter at their own risk.