Comfort invades fashion

By Victoria Lunacek

Looking good on the first day of school has been at the top of students’ lists since preschool and with each new year comes fresh fashion trends to help students feel their best. This year, some of the classic looks are coming back and they’re sure to be seen while walking around campus this semester.


Whether it’s t-shirts or shoes, solid colors are filling clothing racks everywhere and are sure to be seen on students wandering campus. Loose fit tees in light grey and dark blue go great with anything this fall season with the solid tees making accessorizing easy.

“Leggings and a flowy shirt go great together because they’re comfortable, yet cute and fashionable,” Audra Estenssoro, senior visual communication major said.

The color of the season however, is dark, army green, not only for the guys, but the ladies too. Other popular colors for the ladies are vibrant, wine reds and pale blue, which can highlight anyone’s makeup and add a touch of attitude with ease.

Cargo and Jeans

Cargo shorts and straight leg jeans are in and they look great with every color. Guys can keep up the summer vibe with baggy cargo shorts in tan or that army green previously mentioned.

If the weather is a bit too chilly, straight-leg pants look just as good this season. For ladies, the ‘70s are knocking and they’re bringing back high-rise jeans, which add a statement to those solid colored shirts.

Sneakers and Sandals

The solids trend continues for the guys with faded colored canvas sneakers and squeaky-clean white laces. From tan to bright red, sneakers can make or break anyone’s outfit.

Ladies can be expected to be seen in brown sandals which can accompany everything from dresses to shorts. Also popular for the ladies is the always fashionable converse low top in the classic colors of red, grey or white.


Sportswear is a great go-to outfit to feel comfortable in on a long first day. Nike is a popular brand this year with new style shorts, t-shirts and knee high socks. Charlotte Hildebrand, sophomore special education major, said sportswear is great because it’s fashionable and comfortable.

“My favorite outfit is a hoodie and leggings,” Hildebrand said. “I don’t have to impress anyone, so comfort is key for me. Plus, lecture hall seats are uncomfortable already, so I might as well try and make the best out of it.”