Weed inspires hit albums


Rihanna doesn’t try to hide her love for weed with lyrics about smoking flying freely from her lips.

By Darius Parker

Usually when an album is constructed there is a long list of things set in motion such as mastering sound or vocal quality to make sure it’s the best product a label can put out. However, one other factor could be the artist’s state of mind. Below is a list of three artists who made some amazing music while under the influence of the devil’s lettuce.

Rihanna’s “Anti”

From fashion to catchy music, Rihanna lives her life as an open book for everyone to see. She is probably the most honest artist about her usage of “Mary Jane,” even going so far as to smoke on her social media accounts.

Rihanna’s most recent work, “Anti,” released Jan. 28, 2016, was a sentiment to leaving behind her pop sound and transitioning to a more stoner-friendly vibe. There’s a track titled “James Blunt” in which Rihanna details her love for weed. The lyrics of the song are essentially a tribute to lighting up a blunt and cruising along.

“I’d rather be smoking weed whenever we breathe,” Rihanna sings.

The song is a one minute interlude and the rest of the album offers the same type of chill vibe with songs such as “Desperado,” and “Same Ol’ Mistakes.” There’s no doubt that Rhianna celebrates 4/20 every year and this album told fans just that.

Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”

If the title of the album isn’t proof enough, the content will certainly reassure listeners stoner-themed music is real. “The Chronic” is the debut album of former N.W.A. member Dr.Dre and was released in 1992, peaking at No. 3, according to the Billboard Hot 200 charts. “The Chronic” is also certified triple platinum, according to the Recording Industry Association of America as of April.

Nicknamed after a high grade of cannabis, the album takes listeners on a hazy journey of life in South Central California. The first single, “Nothin’ But a G Thang,” offers a chill vibe on top of hard rap lyrics about the hardships of growing up in a neighborhood surrounded by violence and drugs but still pursuing dreams of music.

“One, two, three and to the four, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre is at the door,” Dr. Dre raps. “Ready to make an entrance, so back on up ‘cause you know we’re about to rip shit up. Give me the microphone first so I can bust, like a bubble Compton and Long Beach together, now you know you’re in trouble.”

Green Day’s “Dookie”

Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day, has confirmed their band name is an ode to weed, according to bandnamr.com, and their albums are no exception. The men of Green Day released “Dookie” to affirm their love for the haze-inducing product which can be heard lyrically throughout the album.

“Dookie” is the third studio album by Green Day and was released in February 1994. The album produced five hit singles including “Longview,” “When I Come Around” and “Basket Case,” to name a few. Rolling Stones ranked “Dookie” as the 193rd greatest album of all time on their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

The single “Longview” was written while the group’s bassist was under the influence of LSD. Armstrong said the song is about boredom, masturbation and smoking pot, acccording to a Dec. 1994 interview with MTV.

“Bite my lip and close my eyes, take me away to paradise,” Armstrong sings. “I’m so damn bored, I’m going blind, and I smell like shit.”

The overall sound and vibe of the album gives listeners something to nod their heads to, some of which may even feel similar to the lyrics Armstrong sings throughout Green Day’s career. Naming the band after cannabis was one way to go, though now Armstrong says they have the worst name in history.