Greeks raise 4 grand


Sophomore education major Tori Schauner (left) and senior sociology major Ryan Hackbarth accepted their award as the winners of Sigma Soulmates.

By Victoria Lunacek

Laughter filled the Duke Ellington Ballroom Monday night

as 14 couples participated in the Newlywed Game to see if they truly new one another.

Sigma Sigma Sigma held their 5th annual “Sigma Soulmates” fundraiser to support the March of Dimes. Participants answered questions that ranged from the casual, “What’s her favorite color,” to those with outrageous sexual humor-related themes.

The couples got into the competition, but one couple dominated the stage. The first place winners, senior sociology major Ryan Hackbarth and sophomore education major Tori Schauner, represented Sigma Kappa. The couple said they were originally skeptical about participating.

“We were nominated by my sorority, and when I called Ryan to tell him, he was not too happy,” Schauner said.

The more the couple thought about it, the more they were happy to do it, Hackbarth said.

Hackbarth and Schauner have been together for almost two years, and the story of how they became a couple is quite funny, they said.

“She was only supposed to be a one-night stand,” Hackbarth said.

The couple was called for their first place prize of a $20 Fatty’s gift card. Penny voting and Instagram likes contributed to their win.

“It’s nice to know [that] everyone knows we are a good couple,” Schauner said.

Sororities and fraternities put change in jars representing each competing couple, but there was a twist.

“Checks were worth double points and dollar bills subtracted points,” said Jesse Brucki, junior family social services major. “Chapters really got into it and would put bills in other couples’ jars to subtract points.”

Freshman math major Mckayla Snedeker said this event does not come easy. “It takes months of planning, but it is the event most chapters look forward to,” Snedeker said.

Another activity that was planned was the singles auction, which raised around $200, with the highest bid being just over $60.

Tri-Sigma raised $4,186.30 for the March of Dimes. All of the proceeds went to the philanthropy.

Victoria Lunacek is a staff writer. She can be reached at [email protected].