‘Vampire Diaries’ ends strong

By Melynda Lewis

After witnessing countless bloody deaths, betrayals and spells, “Vampire Diaries,” a supernatural drama, has come to an end with the conclusion of its eighth season.

“Vampire Diaries” follows the life of Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev, as she gets caught in a love triangle between two vampire brothers, played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. There are many storylines lines following Elena’s human and supernatural friends who fight to save their fictional town, Mystic Falls.

Some themes of the show can be found with the consistent arch of the characters being able to find hope when everything is going downhill. The cast was nothing short of amazing with each season despite constantly changing. Each season characters would leave or be brought on, but no matter the change, the cast adapted seamlessly.

The TV show ended with an emotional series finale. Fans will find themselves alternating between sobbing and grinning throughout the final moments. The highlight of the finale was being able to go down memory lane with all the characters that have returned.   

Although “Vampire Diaries” ended, it’s not the end of vampires sinking their teeth into humans. “The Originals,” a spin-off show, is set to air at 7 p.m., March 17 on the CW.