Find the best skin routine for you

By Kennedy Jones

Caring for your skin might seem easy, but everyday habits have a huge impact. Figuring out what products to use or finding the right skin care routine that fits you isn’t that easy.

A simple way to start could be to find a skin care website, like Curology, that has its own skincare generator. The website asks a series of questions about your skin to find the best products for you. It’s a company that will mail out monthly subscription boxes with customized skin care products just for you. The website will take you through a routine set of questions, like “What goals can we help you with?” or “What type of skin do you have?’ Once all the questions are answered, the website will customize a skin care routine for you. The subscription starts with a free trial, however, after that the monthly subscription is $19.95, according to the Curology website.

Finding skin care products isn’t always cheap, but there are products out there for those on a budget. Clean and Clear is an example brand that is affordable and easy to find. Clean and Clear’s website gives you a ‘skin care 101’ as to what products would work best for you. They also have a range of products from exfoliating scrubs to products that fight acne breakouts. The website also has video tutorials on how to use some of their products. For example, they have videos for college students on a winter night routine. Clean and Clear products can be found at Target, Walmart and local drugstores, but be sure to check on the stores’ website to make sure they have the products you’re looking for.

Cleansing brushes are another form of skin care products that are an easy way to apply products, and they’re gentler. Cleansing brushes help as the bristles can penetrate deeper into the skin than wiping over the surface can. Do a patch test on the inner part of your forearm to make sure the bristles won’t irritate your skin, according to Cosmopolitan.

There are many different kinds of skin care products out there, so before using any products, research those you may have an interest in. You’ll have an idea as to whether the products would help you or not.