J. Cole releases powerful album

J. Coles eighth studio album, 4 Your Eyez Only,  was released Dec. 9 and is projected to sell 550,000 units in its first week according to Billboard.

J. Cole’s eighth studio album, “4 Your Eyez Only,”  was released Dec. 9 and is projected to sell 550,000 units in its first week according to Billboard.

By Darius Parker

J. Cole recently released his eighth studio album, “4 Your Eyez Only,” which offers fans a nostalgic hip hop sound throughout while also commenting on important social issues.

Released on Friday, Dec. 9, “4 Your Eyez Only”  provides a powerhouse of songs for listeners to indulge in. This is Cole’s first album since the release of “Forest Hills Drive” which debuted at number one the Billboard 200, according to billboard.com. “Forest Hills Drive” was certified double platinum raising hopes and anticipation for “4 Your Eyez Only.”

The album’s opening track, “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” offers a unique sound with Cole’s vocals leading the introduction of the track. The song features trumpets and the authentic backing sounds of New Orleans with Cole saying “I’m searching and praying and hoping for something I know I’m gon’ see it.” Cole switches between mildly delivering the lyrics on this track to aggressively doing so which offers a nice treat for the ears of his listeners.

“Neighbors,” the album’s seventh track, tells the story of those who have misconceived opinion about who Cole is. “The neighbors think I’m selling dope,” is repeated in the chorus as Cole satirically says he is selling dope in terms of his music. Cole cartwheels through the song with powerful lyrics juxtaposed with a smooth and mellow backing track. In this track, Cole is commenting on his success as a black man and how he still fears police brutality.

Overall, “4 Your Eyez Only” lives up to its predecessor and is grabbing mainstream rap and pop by the throat. The album comments on current issues in society and is telling the world it is unapologetically black. It offers an ‘80s nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of Run DMC, by using the rap platform to spread a message of importance. If hip hop was a heart, “4 Your Eyez Only” would provide the beat as the album has the potential to become the fight song for lovers of rap, black people and culture.