Vibrant textures spice up wardrobe

By Danielle Keys

As the season gets colder, our wardrobes tend to get duller, but never fear because this season’s vibrant velvets and fun ‘80s fashions are a good way to spice up a wardrobe. Here are some of the top winter fashion trends to add to your closet.


Layering is not just a way to stay warm during the cold months, it is also one of the season’s hottest trends. This trend allows students to pair patterns with vibrant colors, jackets with vests, velvet with suede and more. Whether layers are being worn as a plain turtleneck under a favored summer dress or a shirt with a flannel and vest, layering is a great way to stay warm and fashionable.


Whether it’s a pair of riding boots, platform boots, heels or ankle boots, suede shoes have been seen on campus. The most popular colors for this trend are maroon, grey, camel, beige and black. Suede shoes are a great way to add texture to a cute pair of jeans and a simple sweater.


Velvet clothes bought during the fall season will still be trending throughout winter because this texture is warm and can be dressed up or down. Not only has velvet appeared on every apparel item, but it has also invaded accessories. From chokers to headbands, velvet is definitely the fabric of the season. Velvet is not only warm but it can be used in a wonderful way to dress up for any holiday party.


Fashion inspired by the ‘80s seems to have made a comeback in the fall and winter Fashion Week in Paris, Milan and New York. From leather, gold jewelry, satin, ruching, fishnets and asymmetric cuts, it is time to raid vintage shops to find cool items for fashionable inspiration.

Military jackets

Time and time again the military jacket makes its way back into our closets, and this winter they have come back full force, especially in one of this season’s favored colors: army green. Military jackets have come back with a new, revamped look featuring pom-poms, bows and prints.