‘Friendsgiving’ builds seasonal connections


By Darius Parker

Thanksgiving can be celebrated in many ways, whether it’s traveling home to be with family or staying back with friends to form a makeshift meal.

The term “friendsgiving” is what it sounds like; it’s a celebration of the holiday among friends who may not have the means to travel home or may just want to do something different and spend Thanksgiving with friends.

Taqori Halliburton, freshman dance performance major, said being around friends who are like family is what she looks forward to the most for the holiday.

“Friendsgiving means family and love,” Halliburton said. “I think it’s the best time to be around family and friends. We sit around and talk, play games and eat food and catch up with [each other]…”

A friendsgiving dinner can still be jam-packed with traditional Thanksgiving dishes complete with turkey and macaroni and cheese. Don’t forget to go to Walmart and grab an infamous Patti LaBelle sweet potato Patti Pie for the meal.

Terrance Mitchell, junior family consumer and nutrition science major, said he’s looking forward to two of his favorite dishes to eat.

“I love some chitterlings that are well seasoned with some hot sauce,” Mitchell said. “I also want my stuffing to be golden brown and seasoned well with cranberry sauce on top of it; I can’t wait for Thanksgiving honestly.”

As if having a great meal isn’t enough, just having a moment with people you care about is probably the most important component of friendsgiving. Breana Davis, senior communication and media studies major, said she plans on spending the holiday with the people she is thankful for.

“In college you make friends and get to choose your own type of family,” Davis said. “I’m excited to cook my favorite dishes and have some good girl talk.”

As the holidays get closer, friendsgiving is vital to reflect on the semester. Enjoy a meal with friends before it’s time to study for finals.