Fashion major shares tips to shop and save

By Sophia Phillips

DeKALB | Finding fall fashions and trends for a low cost may be tricky for a fashion-forward student on a budget.

Some of the top trends this fall are exposed shoulders, bomber jackets, velvet, chokers and loafers.

The biggest mistake consumers make when shopping for trends is paying too much, said Joanne Kline, senior fashion merchandising major and president of the Fashion Industries Organization.

“I always say invest in the classics, and buy [trends cheap],” Kline said.

Trends and fads are in fashion but won’t be for long, so spending a lot of money on items seasonal fads may be a waste.

Kline said students on a budget should try shopping at thrift stores even though thrifting at second-hand stores can be intimidating and have outdated clothing.

“If you go to places like Plato’s Closet, they don’t take things that are outdated,” Kline said. “So you can actually find very on-trend pieces at those kind of places.”

Kline said the next places to check are stores that keep prices down like Target, TJ Maxx, Old Navy or Forever 21.

Therese Falsis, junior pre-physical therapy major, said stores like Forever 21 and H&M have affordable yet up-to-date clothes.

Shoppers shouldn’t only buy trends though. Kline said buying items that will be in style year-to-year is smart, such as flannels and plaids which are always in style in the fall.

One way to buy seasonal clothing cheap is to buy it out of season, said Alina Goffman, junior English education major, who works at Rue 21, a clothing store for young adults.

“If you want to buy shorts right now, they’re going to be like two bucks in all the stores,” Goffman said. “If you want to buy boots, buy them at the end of winter and save them for next year.”

Falsis said shoppers can get good deals on seasonal clothing by learning a little bit about how retail works. Clothing usually goes on sale at the end of every season.

“Understand how stores move [clothes] in and out,” Falsis said.